2013 in Review

Wow… 2013 is over tonight!!! It’s been a whirlwind of a year because it’s been so busy. Overall, it was a blessed & memorable year! Moving into our first home and going on our honeymoon were the top two highlights. I definitely feel grateful for everything we were able to do. I turned 25 this year (Ryan turned 26) and we celebrated 1 year of marriage! I am looking forward to 2014, after all it has to be our lucky year with the numbers 214 in it!

Here’s some of our highlights from 2013….

Closed and moved into our first house on the south side of Indy!!!

Moving to the south side meant I was able to babysit a little for a couple of our friends’ kids – Simon earlier in the year and Harry in the fall! It also meant that we grew closer to friends and made new friendships through a small group on Wednesday nights. So grateful!

Traveled to Atlanta for my first WordCamp with Ryan.

Adopted a Corgi –  named him Jasper! Became an official traveling circus with two cats and a dog.

Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law made us an Aunt & Uncle to Aubrey in May!

Experimented with a lot of new foods and recipes (like vegetarian biscuits & gravy).

Travelled to Michigan for a wedding (only my 2nd time there!)

Went to Indiana Dunes State Park on our way back from a wedding in South Bend.

We had several visitors this year – our Moms, Ryan’s Grandparents, my cousin Darah & friends, and my Aunt Marcie! We were able to see Darah & Marcie a lot this year, and even got to see my cousin Christy & her family over Thanksgiving.

Got a new bike – Cannondale Quick 4.

Got poison ivy for the first time. Itchy memory. :(

Rid our house/lives of toxins as much as possible. Still a work in progress. We now use simple cleaners like vinegar, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap for everything from the bathrooms to the laundry to the kitchen.

Our friends Seth & Kelly had their baby Eden, and we filmed an awesome family documentary for them. Coming soon!

Went on our belated honeymoon! It was so so awesome. Road tripped to North Carolina; spent half of it in Asheville, NC and half of it in the Outer Banks of NC. That was my first time to both. Also – first time in a lighthouse. First time seeing wild horses and wild bears. First time using AirBnb (we’re hooked!). First time exploring the mountains. Probably more firsts that I’m forgetting. :)

We returned to Asheville in September for the 1st Annual Sole Hope Ambassador’s Retreat. The next month I was able to help with a huge shoe cutting party in downtown Indianapolis and meet Asher, the founder of Sole Hope. :)

Renovated our office from the ceiling to the floor! Other home improvement projects: whitewashing fireplace, tearing down the shed and building garden boxes, putting in a Nest and a new garbage disposal.

Shot my first wedding without Ryan while he was on a WooTrip! A great friend filled in for him thankfully.

Speaking of weddings,  we filmed/photographed 16 weddings and officially focused our business on videography. We loved working alongside The Parkers at 3 weddings and met many other awesome people this year!

On the same note, we switched our gear – no more DSLRs!

The Parkers took our photos this fall!

Made gingerbread cookies for the first time (they weren’t just any gingerbread man cookies though, they were ninjas!)






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  1. amanda Avatar
    it’s been such a fun year getting to know you & ryan better. so looking forward to the years ahead!!! thanks for everything mindy :)
  2. Sara Avatar
    Isn’t it amazing how much can happen in a year?!?!? I think that your right, that 2014 will only be better!!
  3. classyfabsarah Avatar
    What a crazy, fun year! Loved seeing your recap in photos!

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