Thankful for… Two Are Better (Day 2)

I wasn’t sure how well it would go to try to blog everyday this month… and so far, not so good!  I will catch up though! ;)

(See Day 1 of thankfulness.)

Day 2-

I am thankful for my job, Two Are Better, which really means I am thankful for all those people who trust in us to take their photos and video!

It’s funny because I have a biology degree and a certification to teach… but I’m business owner/photographer/videographer! Honestly, I’m not really sure how all this evolved, but I know it is God’s doing. I have to remind myself of that when I start to think, “I’m not qualified enough!” or “There’s too much competition!” Right now, I can’t imagine having a 9-5 job, or especially a stressful teaching job. I can’t tell you what I’ll be doing 5 or 10 years from now, but right now I love what I do and am thankful for it.

I get to work from home with Ryan, witness beautiful weddings, capture memories (cheesy, but true), be creative and challenge myself, and help pay the bills!  Granted, I don’t make much money (SO many expenses), but it helps. I am also able to work flexible hours, and in turn, do the housework/pay the bills/run errands, etc. when Ryan usually doesn’t have time (bless his heart, he has a full time and part time job).

We’ve already booked 5 weddings for next year – so exciting!

Thankful for…. Woo (Day 1)

Believe it or not, I’m going to celebrate this month of thankfulness before I move on to Christmas!  Apparently the Christmas season now starts the day after Halloween instead of the day after Thanksgiving. I love love Christmas time, but I’m not going to rush it. Let’s take it one holiday/month at a time! Anyway, just a HUGE pet peeve of mine!

Moving along…


Today I am thankful for WooThemes, Ryan’s incredible employer. With so many people unable to find jobs (even with a college degree), we are so blessed that Ryan got hired fresh out of college by such a great company. He was the 10th employee of WooThemes, and now in a 1.5 years, they’ve grown to 27!  They’re taking over the WordPress World.  ;)

Ryan kicks butt at being the Community Manager of WooThemes. Although the headquarters is in Cape Town (South Africa) they are an internet-based company and have employees from all over the world. That means Ryan gets to work from home, which comes with its challenges, but for the most part it is awesome. I also work from home so that means we get to spend a ton of time together in our PJs, even if we are working. It also gives us a flexible schedule so we are able to travel or shoot weddings together on the weekends.  He works hard, but it’s so worth it.

They have a meet up every year to spend some quality time together and go on adventures in an awesome location. A little work and a lot of play, just like a bunch of old friends hanging out. Right now Ryan is in South Africa having a blast with his co-workers. His first WooTrip was to London last year. Seriously, what an awesome experience!!!! I’m a little jealous.

I love that he works for a small (but growing!) company. They care about him and treat him well. He’s not just “another employee,” they know him personally. He’s part of a team. Thank you WooThemes (Adii, Mark, Magnus) for trusting in Ryan and providing him with this career!  :)

P.S. – They’re hiring! ;)

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween in a nutshell – Ryan is still in Cape Town surfing with sharks and penguins. My Mom, Nour, and I went out and celebrated on Saturday night!  Nour and I carved a pumpkin while she was here visiting. Tonight we dressed up my black cat Onyx like a pumpkin!  He didn’t like it so well. ;o)

Happy Halloween!




Ryan and I are an ocean apart for a week!  I miss him already, but I’m SO excited he gets this awesome opportunity. He’s currently in Cape Town, South Africa on a “work” trip.  I put work in quotations because it’s mostly play when the Woo ninjas get together.  ;)  (Last year they went to London).  They deserve it though because I know they all work really hard!  Ryan has had many, many long days lately.

I’m envious of his adventure, but I’m not sure how I would do with the 24 hours of flights! I will be experiencing his trip through his photos and stories. ;) I’ve already seen a few of his photos and the beauty of South Africa is unreal! Plus the villa on the ocean isn’t bad either. ;)

See what I mean?

Don’t party too hard, WooThemes. ;)

Pistachio Addict

It’s time for another confession.

IMG_3605My addiction to almonds has expanded to another tree nut: pistachios. This happened this year when I innocently tried pistachios and now they’ve become a staple in my diet. There must be a reason or explanation for this; maybe my body craves a specific nutrient in these tree nuts! I’m not sure it’s so great though since it adds another 300-ish calories to my daily intake. At least they’re healthy calories, right? Oh my, this leads me to…

Ten reasons I know I’m addicted to Pistachios (This may sound familiar: see almond addiction).

  1. I try to justify eating two servings a day. (See above)
  2. I buy three 1-lb bags at a time, to make sure I don’t run out.
  3. It makes me mad that it’s hard to find them UNsalted. Why cover up the delicious taste and add sodium? I can rely on Trader Joe’s though!
  4. Opening up the shells is half the fun! (Although it’s not great on your nails)
  5. Speaking of the shells, I leave the evidence in a lot of places (random cups in the car, my desk, etc)
  6. Our friends say our car smells like them! (This is borderline embarrassing).
  7. I take some with me when I travel.
  8. My friend is worried I might turn green.
  9. It’s probably not safe for someone with tree nut allergies to come near me.
  10. I blog about them…