Category: Life

  • Happy Halloween!

    My Halloween in a nutshell – Ryan is still in Cape Town surfing with sharks and penguins. My Mom, Nour, and I went out and celebrated on Saturday night!  Nour and I carved a pumpkin while she was here visiting. Tonight we dressed up my black cat Onyx like a pumpkin!  He didn’t like it […]

  • WooTrip!

    Ryan and I are an ocean apart for a week!  I miss him already, but I’m SO excited he gets this awesome opportunity. He’s currently in Cape Town, South Africa on a “work” trip.  I put work in quotations because it’s mostly play when the Woo ninjas get together.  ;)  (Last year they went to […]

  • House Hunting

    Ryan’s been in this apartment since last September (I’ve been here since January) and by the end of July, we had to decide if we wanted to renew our lease for another year. Things were crazy around that time with wedding planning, so thinking about moving by the end of September was a little overwhelming. […]

  • I’m A Vegetarian

    I never thought I’d say this, but I became a vegetarian! This has evolved since the springtime, ever since Ryan and I watched the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” I say evolved because at first we were more like “flexitarians” (Ryan was much better than me). Eventually, I cut out all meat from my diet. Yes, […]

  • The Happiest Place on Earth

    Another “first” to mark off my list. Go to Disney World ~ Check! It’s just one of those things you have to experience in your life – “the Happiest Place on Earth.”  Even though I wasn’t really looking forward to going, once I was there for the first time ever it was like I was […]