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  • Valentine’s Gift Guide (His & Hers)

    The month of February is upon us, which means Valentine’s Day is near!  We’re big on Valentine’s Day around here, as it also marks another year together for us (6 years!). This year we don’t have much money in the budget to spend on gifts, but we’ll still celebrate together. It’s still fun with or […]

  • Wedding Plans: When & Where

    A week ago, we were just at the beginning stages of wedding planning. Researching venues, photographers, & videographers and trying to narrow down a date was still the task at hand. Since then, we’re excited to say that we’ve been made great progress in our wedding plans! First off, we found a photography team (husband & wife), who […]

  • We’re Engaged, Now What?

    We’ve been engaged for a little over a month now, and now the big question is, “Did you set a date yet?” That’s usually what people do first, but apparently we’re a little different. Well, our answer is no, but we have a general time frame in mind. We are thinking the end of summer/early […]

  • Top 10 Apartment Must-Haves

    For the first time, we are official apartment renters. Well technically, it’s Ryan’s place first and then I’ll move in later. Nevertheless, we both still had to agree on where we wanted to live. We had a similar list of apartment “must-haves” (shocking, I know!) and searched for apartments in Indy via We narrowed […]

  • Preview of Love Story

    I just read in a magazine about a challenge of writing your love story in 6 words. It’s from a new book called Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak – a compilation of 6 word love stories. For example: “Not always perfect. But so worthwhile.” and “Hog the covers, I don’t mind.” They can be […]