Preview of Love Story

I just read in a magazine about a challenge of writing your love story in 6 words. It’s from a new book called Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak – a compilation of 6 word love stories. For example: “Not always perfect. But so worthwhile.” and “Hog the covers, I don’t mind.” They can be funny or serious. Oh and it’s easier said than done.

So here is my six-word version of my love story. Ok, there’s two versions because I couldn’t decide.

This is our relationship overall:
“Love never fails despite many challenges.”

This is the the story of how we met and came to be a couple:
“Sweeter than Hollywood, directed by God.”

If you want the long version, see my blog on Valentine’s Day!
Oh and leave a comment telling me your love story in 6 words!





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