Tag: American Idol

  • Holy carp!

    Last night I missed American Idol because I thought it was from 8-10, but it was really 7-9. =( However, I was REALLY glad to hear that Kris Allen won and I had fun fishing instead… Ryan and I got the paddle boat ready for the summer and we were off to our fishing spot […]

  • May 14th

    I think subbing at the high school is one of the easiest jobs, but also one of the most boring. Subbing is a great job because you don’t have to say yes to working; you don’t even have to answer the phone when they call at 6 AM! I’d say it’s worth the $70 a […]

  • “Finals week”

    So this is my lovely first-week-of-summer-break-supposed-to-be-finals-week week and it’s pretty nice so far. …Although it will be MUCH better on Thursday night when Ryan arrives: SO EXCITED!! <3 Right after my last class on Friday I went to my 88-year-old Grandma’s for the weekend with my mom. I just realized this sad fact about my […]