“Finals week”

So this is my lovely first-week-of-summer-break-supposed-to-be-finals-week week and it’s pretty nice so far. …Although it will be MUCH better on Thursday night when Ryan arrives: SO EXCITED!! <3

Right after my last class on Friday I went to my 88-year-old Grandma’s for the weekend with my mom. I just realized this sad fact about my Grandma–she has been affected by cancer more than anyone I know…her mother: colon cancer, her brother-in-law: brain cancer, her daughter: breast cancer, her husband: lung cancer, her son-in-law: oral cancer, and basically herself (the doctors removed some benign lumps so she had a double mastectomy to be safe). That list does not include her friends. I just can’t imagine how she must feel seeing all these people losing their lives to cancer. My other Grandma is a breast cancer survivor. All of this family history scares me…
Today I went to the doctor with my family in STL. My dad started on two types of chemo he hasn’t tried yet and will be on those for 8 weeks to hopefully keep the cancer under control. We are praying for no side effects and good results.
I really don’t have anything exciting to say… just thought I’d share about the start to my summer.
American Idol is on in an hour! I’ve been watching it since they chose the top 10 and now they’re down to the top 3! I’m really into it now! ha
Personally, I want Kris Allen to win (the guy in the middle)… we’ll see!

Well… enough of this random and pointless post.





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