May 14th

I think subbing at the high school is one of the easiest jobs, but also one of the most boring. Subbing is a great job because you don’t have to say yes to working; you don’t even have to answer the phone when they call at 6 AM! I’d say it’s worth the $70 a day. However, the minutes drag on and on…. and there’s not much to do besides sit there and tell them to be quiet and sit down 50x. Oh and repeat over and over, “No, I am not letting you leave” and “Yes, I am Steven Merenghi’s sister.” Many websites are blocked, texting is not allowed… many time wasting activities are NOT allowed! So I sit there and think.. Wow, I was once in their place?! How did I stand sitting in a class for so long, wasting so much time? Was I really that immature? Am I immature now and will I look back on college students someday and think the same thing? It’s much more fun at the elementary where the day is busy and you actually get to teach and interact with little kids.

It’s also even longer of a day whenever you are awaiting that evening because of a certain someone getting in town….. Patience. Are you here yet!?! :)
Good news: I got a 98% on my philosophy final!!!! I was very nervous about that grade/class and I am SO glad it’s over. Yuck, I do not like philosophy.
Another semester with all A’s. Sometimes I wish I would get a B and get it over with because the pressure keeps building! Oh well, I’ll save that for Organic Chemistry… Speaking of this topic, Nour: “overachiever” was a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune the other night and I didn’t figure it out! HAHA.
OH and KRIS ALLEN IS IN THE AMERICAN IDOL FINALS!!!!! I HOPE HE WINS! I think American Idol will rig the votes if Kris gets more votes than Adam.





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