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  • Another A-maze-ing Weekend

    I am officially spoiled. I got to hang out with Ryan TWO weekends in a row.  This is record breaking and awesome. This time he made the 6-hour trek to Missouri (it’s only fair, you know) in his Ford Escort (heheh) while I was the one patiently pacing the floors for 6 hours.  We had […]

  • Go, Bloggers! Go…

    ….to the local bloggers meet-up!! Are you local?  If you’ve heard of Rolla, Missouri, then you probably are!  Come join us on September 11th if you are a fellow blogger!  :o)  We will be meeting for lunch and great conversation at a Chinese restaurant.  Nice choice! I’m so excited that Mrs. Haid and Chrissy have planned […]

  • It Could’ve Been Us

    I have a game of catch-up to play on my blog.  I never finished writing about our Florida trip, and now I have even more writing material about the past week.  Real life has taken precedence over my blog, but stay tuned for lots of updates from yours truly.  For now, I feel the need […]

  • Wordless Friday

    Does NaBloPoMo care that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in 4 weeks and now I’m here with him? Unfortunately, no. So, here I am … blogging out of obligation. While my boyfriend sits waiting. I don’t know about this whole 30 posts in 30 days idea. It’s harder than I thought it would be. It […]