Another A-maze-ing Weekend

I am officially spoiled.

I got to hang out with Ryan TWO weekends in a row.  This is record breaking and awesome.

This time he made the 6-hour trek to Missouri (it’s only fair, you know) in his Ford Escort (heheh) while I was the one patiently pacing the floors for 6 hours.  We had lots of plans in store, as usual, and not enough time!  That just means he has to come back so we can carve pumpkins, ride bikes (it’s about time!), and do another photo shoot.

This time around, here’s what we did…

Friday night we went to the High School football game…not to watch football, but to watch the band perform the half-time show!  We are both Red Regiment Marching Band Alum (Drum line and Color Guard) and even though we’re getting too old to know any high schoolers, it’s still fun to see how the band changes over the years.  Personally, I was very impressed!!!!  Granted, I do pay most attention to the Color Guard, and they were seriously awesome.  They make me proud to be called an alumna!  Also, the football games make me feel nostalgic.  I clearly remember the pre-performance nerves, marching back to the field, hearing the crowd cheer, and smiling back.  How’d I get so old?

IMG_2598 IMG_2607

Not a great picture, but I was very impressed with the tuba/cheerleader.


On Saturday, we worked at a local greenhouse, Huffman’s Flowers of the Field for their Mumpkin Fest.  Ryan was offering a Photo Booth, but unfortunately, only one family participated.  The rest of the time we were in charge of the Hay Maze, Bounce House, and other kids’ activities.  It was a beaaaautiful day outside and felt like summer.


If you are local, come by any weekend in October and join the fun!

Flowers of the Field 11

My Mom painted faces in between watering plants.

Flowers of the Field 9

Flowers of the Field 13

Ryan’s Mom brought us homemade pizza from a local business. YUM, thanks so much Sara!


Ooopps… where did this picture come from ? :)  So inappropriate.

Flowers of the Field 15

Ryan and His Mama.  Love them both!


Ryan scared all of the kiddies with his hair.

Flowers of the Field 33

Flowers of the Field 27

Seriously hilarious.

Flowers of the Field 22

Normal. :)

Flowers of the Field 29

Afterwards, Ryan changed clothes real quick and we headed out to the fields for a photo shoot.

Ryan's College Sr Pictures 127

Theeeen we ate dinner and we were off to another corn maze.  Yes, I wasn’t satisfied because in the last corn maze, we didn’t get lost.  I found about a local corn maze (1 hour from here) and just had to go.  Well, guess what?  Mission accomplished.  We got very turned around in the maze, and found ourselves going in circles many times.  After a long day, my feet were killing me and I thought Ryan was going to have to carry me.  He did end up carrying my camera and purse.  Sweet guy.

2 P's Corn Maze 4

2 P's Corn Maze 5

There was corn in the path so I picked some up and took it home for a souvenir.  Ha.  Also, his eyes look funny because the flash was BLINDING in the dark.

2 P's Corn Maze 8

On Sunday, we ate lunch at Panera with our Moms and I was really dying to go on a bike ride.  However.. I had to go to a Organic Chem test review session and Ryan needed to head back to Indiana.  I was super sad we couldn’t ride bikes in the beautiful weather, but Ryan said it was okay and that we could next time!  :)

Panera Lunch Date 22

Panera Lunch Date 15

Panera Lunch Date 4

Whew, it sure is busy to try to fit so much into a short weekend!  But definitely worth it!!!  See you soon for another fun weekend, boyfriend!!!!





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  1. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    What a perfect weekend!!!
  2. Eliza Avatar
    Sounds like a fun weekend! As far as the marching band thing goes. I was in marching band in high school and played the clarinet. 2 weekends ago I took my daughter to the Washington Marching Band Festival parade. When I saw the first band marching down the street, playing, I almost cried. It was like a flood of memories and emotions and I was getting to share it all with me daughter. I felt like a big goof all teary eyed in the middle of the sidewalk watching a band. I remember watching the Red Regiment perform at festivals when I was in school. I was in the Red n Black Brigade and then in the Marching Blue Jays. I switched schools half way through high school. Anyway, watching marching bands is fun memories.

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