Go, Bloggers! Go…

….to the local bloggers meet-up!!


Are you local?  If you’ve heard of Rolla, Missouri, then you probably are!  Come join us on September 11th if you are a fellow blogger!  :o)  We will be meeting for lunch and great conversation at a Chinese restaurant.  Nice choice! I’m so excited that Mrs. Haid and Chrissy have planned this blogger lunch date.  You can only get to know someone so much through their writings, but in person you can hear their voice, know more about their personality, and really get to know the person behind the blog.  I hope I don’t disappoint anyone , ha… ;o) … just remember, I am very petite!  That’s what surprises most people.  Oh and not as wordy as I am on here… hah.

Mrs. Haid, a bloggy friend, and I have been trying to meet for the past year or so!  Our schedules have never successfully worked together … until now!  And better yet, I get to meet lots of bloggers from around this area.

I happen to babysit for one local blogger, and she’s my former Color Guard coach… Ashley.  I’m also about to start babysitting for another,  Jaimee.  I have met Nel, but haven’t had the chance to really talk with her.  I’ve never met Chrissy , Kim, Jessica… and probably many more!  This should be fun!  :o)

Oh did I mention my boyfriend is a local blogger?  Well, if you still count him even though he lives in Indiana most of the time.  I’m trying to convince him to come to St. James that weekend for the Grape & Fall Festival.  He may not want to join the meet-up, probably being the only guy there.

Alright, so who else will I be meeting or seeing there?!  Can’t wait!  Putting it on my calendar now.





4 responses to “Go, Bloggers! Go…”

  1. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Whoooo hooo!!!!
  2. Chrissy Avatar
    I think we were in a Zumba class together once…I just saw you across the room. It was dark, though! ;o)
  3. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    I’m not ashamed to be the only man there, we’ll see what we can do though about getting back for this awesome weekend!
  4. Eliza Thornton Avatar
    Eliza Thornton
    That sounds like LOTS of fun. I’m alittle weird about meeting strange people I never met. That’s kinda why I like the blog world. lol. You get to know just enough about people to be friends but you don’t have to actually interact socially with them. I’m definitely socially awkward.

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