Never Have I Ever

First off, let me say that I think I was a very deprived child. lol. Not of love or food or anything like that, just of a lot of opportunities, activities, movies, etc. Now that I’m 20 I’m responsible for any further deprivation, but it’s hard to catch up. Especially just the fact that I’m 20 and feel dumb doing some things for the first time. For example, I never took any type of lessons as a kid– dance, music, gymnastics, etc. [ok, I did take swimming lessons]. So this past fall I started piano lessons & now I am kind of teaching myself. Another example- I never went to a drive in movie until high school. And we have a drive in theater 15 minutes from here so no excuses. My brother never went out of state until last year. I’m not at all saying my parents aren’t good parents, I just would choose to do things differently as a parent. I want my kids to explore & discover their interests & the world- if that makes sense. Although I will teach them that we are not of the world, but just live in it. Our true home is in Heaven, not on Earth. However, we are to enjoy life while we are here, while serving God.
I thought of this idea from one from my random lists that said “I have never been ice skating.” Some of these things I don’t necessarily think make me deprived, but it’s just a list of things I have never done.

Never Have I Ever…

1) Traveled to the west coast
2) Dyed my hair
3) Attended a “real” concert (Jon McLaughlin in Reardon doesn’t count)
4) Read the whole Bible (I’m still working on it)
5) Played chess (I don’t even know how)
6) Been in the mountains
7) Watched “The Titanic”
8) Water or snow skied
9) Rode on a motorcycle
10) Passed out (I’ve been VERY close but I stop myself)

10 Dislikes

10 Things I Really Don’t Like (not in order)

(Sorry this is pretty much complaining, but sometimes it feels good to voice it [or write it])

1) Being COLD! Such as during…wintertime. I would love love love to live somewhere that is nice all year round (coughFloridacough). I also don’t like cold showers, even if I’m burning up.
2) Acid Reflux. Why can’t my lower esophageal sphincter close when it’s supposed to?! It is so annoying because I have to eat every couple hours or my stomach/esophagus will burn. That means planning things around food schedules or having food with you. I am not happy when I’m trying to get to sleep and it takes a while, but then I have to get up and eat because of the burning. I also have to avoid or limit many foods such as chocolate, coffee, caffeine, fried foods, citrus fruits…or just eating a lot at one time. Or lying down certain ways, like on my stomach. God please help me when I’m pregnant someday.
3) Saying goodbye. Goodbyes are way too sad and emotional. I cry too easily. Personally I would rather skip them and just run away before they happen. I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. =)
4) Throwing up. EWWW! I would rather have the regular flu for a week than the “stomach flu” one night. I think I have a slight fear of it. Please don’t throw up around me. How am I possibly going to be an elementary teacher? Always grant their requests to go to the nurse? Probably, haha.
5) Alarm clocks. They are evil because they wake me up from my precious sleep. I cannot wake up to a song or I will always relate the song to waking up.
6) Heartache. One of the worst feelings in the world. I totally agree with someone who said they would rather get their arm cut off than feel heartache. It steals life from me.
7) Less than 8 hours of sleep. If number 5 *see above* goes off before those 8 hours are in, I hate them even more. Most of the time 7 hours feels like only 4 hours and I can’t function.
8) Cancer. It’s one of those things where you really have no idea until you are in the position or VERY close. It makes people suffer more than should be humanly possible.
9) Deadlines. Okay I know life is full of them (bills, projects at work, school, etc) & it seems impossible to function without them, but they are stressful. Especially school papers, tests, projects, etc. So much pressure!
10) Scary movies, EEK! Why would you want to be scared?! I just don’t understand. They are very unpleasant.

10 Random Facts About Me

1. If I just THINK about things that give me the goosebumps, which is a long list (chalkboards, sandpaper, ceramics, etc), I get them. If I think about eating a sour food, I ‘pucker up’ like I really am.

2. I’m really terrified of getting a needle poked into my veins (for blood work, IV’s, etc). The last time I had it done I was too young to remember. Once again, just the thought of it makes me want to pass out.
3. I have a habit of/love chewing ice but I’d like to stop to save my teeth.
4. I often remember my dreams, which are vivid.
5. I am extremely “directionally challenged.” I’ll get lost anywhere.
6. I usually eat cereal & soy milk two times a day (morning & night). I love it!!
7. I hate hate throwing up or anyone else throwing up.
8. I need cuddling & hugs like I need water & air.
9. Mexican food is my favorite.
10. My tongue gets burnt easily from hot food or liquid. So I have to wait for things to cool off a bit.