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  • Never Have I Ever

    First off, let me say that I think I was a very deprived child. lol. Not of love or food or anything like that, just of a lot of opportunities, activities, movies, etc. Now that I’m 20 I’m responsible for any further deprivation, but it’s hard to catch up. Especially just the fact that I’m […]

  • 10 Dislikes

    10 Things I Really Don’t Like (not in order) (Sorry this is pretty much complaining, but sometimes it feels good to voice it [or write it]) 1) Being COLD! Such as during…wintertime. I would love love love to live somewhere that is nice all year round (coughFloridacough). I also don’t like cold showers, even if […]

  • 10 Random Facts About Me

    1. If I just THINK about things that give me the goosebumps, which is a long list (chalkboards, sandpaper, ceramics, etc), I get them. If I think about eating a sour food, I ‘pucker up’ like I really am. 2. I’m really terrified of getting a needle poked into my veins (for blood work, IV’s, […]