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  • Weekend Outlook

    Today my weekend started at 9:30 AM, after my first and only class of the day, which only lasted 15 minutes.  I had two tests this week, one in Ed Psych and one in Organic Chem, and I found out I got a 98% on the Psych test!  I am excited and I just proved […]

  • Together

    I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it! Finally, in Photo Booth together. :)

  • Photo Booth

    Distance makes Photo Booth a date. (If you are not familiar with Photo Booth, get a Mac.) Ryan* in Indiana Mindy in Missouri *Usually his pictures aren’t just normal smiles, but they are hilarious faces instead. Mine are boring, but he says he still likes them. His pictures are so cute, but there’s a problem […]