Weekend Outlook

Today my weekend started at 9:30 AM, after my first and only class of the day, which only lasted 15 minutes.  I had two tests this week, one in Ed Psych and one in Organic Chem, and I found out I got a 98% on the Psych test!  I am excited and I just proved that I can miss class like four + times and still rock the test.

Then I came back home and took a 2-hour nap, which was heavenly and apparently also gave me motivation.  After I woke, I organized and tidied up a few things, then cleaned my car inside and out.  I was feeling guilty for neglecting my Civic, as it still had sand in it from Florida.  It also had bug guts that were almost impossible to scrub off without almost breaking my wrist.  Ugh.

Then I went to the local park to scope out the fall foliage and locations for photos.  Yes, I am doing TWO photo shoots this weekend and I’m so excited!  Since they are my first paying clients and will help me get started on building up a portfolio, I am offering them a limited time deal.  Anyone else need photos?? I have tons of ideas running through my head and I hope I can make them come to life!  Stay tuned.

Fall 2010 47

Fall 2010 32

Fall 2010 3

Fall 2010 56

Also in store for the weekend, I will once again be working at a local greenhouse, Flowers of the Field.  Last weekend, Ryan and my Mom worked with me, and this weekend, Ryan’s Mom and I will be working together!  It should be fun.  We’re in charge of a bounce house, hay maze, face painting, and other activities for kids.  I will also be offering a “Photo Booth,” like Ryan did last weekend.  Speaking of, tonight I took some photos to put on their Facebook page.  It is a beautiful place, so if you’re local, come and check it out!

Fall 2010 125

Fall 2010 164

Fall 2010 151

Fall 2010 159

Fall 2010 127

Fall 2010 121

Fall 2010 113

Fall 2010 106

Fall 2010 99

Fall 2010 83 Fall 2010 111

Tonight I went to dinner with a newly engaged friend (Congrats Tiffany!) and tomorrow night I get to hang out with another friend, Jennifer, who is in town for her Fall Break.  Yay for fun weekends!!!  Now I’m off to get some sleep…

Fall 2010 169

What are your plans for the weekend?





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  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Nice! I can’t wait to see the pictures. Also when can we hang out!
  2.  Avatar
    Looks like an amazing place to visit. Beautiful photos – love that one of the with the playground equipment in the background.

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