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  • Bridal Shower Photography (Tiffany)

    I have already posted a few photos from Tiffany’s bridal shower that I simultaneously attended and photographed in February.  Well, now that Ryan has finished editing them (yes, I shot them and he edited them) I can share with you my favorites from that day!  By the way, this was my first experience with bridal […]

  • Birthday Party Photography (Leena)

    I had another request to shoot some birthday party photography a few weeks ago.  (Remember the first one?)  I am working on finishing those photos today!

  • M2 Photos is on Facebook!

    Hey everyone!  We’ve made it half way through the week (thank goodness, it’s been a busy one)!!!  I’m popping in between classes and to say that I now have an official page on Facebook for my photography! Check it out and “like” it if you want! [button color=”aqua” window=”yes” link=”http://www.facebook.com/pages/M2-Photos/201283176550087?sk=wall”]Like M2[/button] I’ll be keeping it […]

  • Newborn Photography (Lucy Preview)

    This morning I had my first newborn photo session ever!  I was a little nervous (when am I not?!) but excited because I adore babies!

  • Behind the Scenes Video of Couples Photography

    Last week, I posted a preview of the photos I took of Darah and Micah, the lovebirds who happen to be my cousin and her boyfriend.  I mentioned that Ryan took video while I took photos… and I’m excited to present to you a behind the scenes video of couples photography, thanks to Ryan Ray!!! […]