Newborn Photography (Lucy Preview)

This morning I had my first newborn photo session ever!  I was a little nervous (when am I not?!) but excited because I adore babies!

We took photos in their living room by the window.  It wasn’t sunny outside, but I mostly just used what natural light was coming inside, as the external flash was a bit too harsh.  Lucy, the new arrival, is tooo precious.  We had to be careful because she has a broken clavicle so I let her Momma pose her while I was behind the camera.  This is the first time I’ve met this family and they are super sweet.

Here’s a little sneak peek for now… loving the black and white feel.

What do you think about my first shot at newborn photography?  I like the challenge, which is good because I have another newborn shoot soon!

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  1. Those were really good, Mindy. I like the black and white feel too!!I love that your getting outside of your box and trying new things. You go, you Leo!!!! lol

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