Do you ever feel like doing something because someone tells you not to do it? I thought so. Like if I said, don’t read this post, I bet you’ll read it.

Everyday we get announcements in our school email about happenings around campus like about the swine and National Coming Out Week and other things I ignore. Well as I was glancing at one from the other day I couldn’t help but notice this first news item…

Current News:

We are Missouri S&T or S&T for short. The University realizes our new name is long, so use Missouri S&T for short. But if you’re looking for a three-syllable replacement for UMR, it’s okay to use S&T. It’s easy, it’s new, and just takes a little practice. Why not say MST or MS&T? Because S&T is unique. We’re the only S&T in the nation, it’s a term we can own. Consistency is the key to a successful university identity. Therefore, in all your communications, please use Missouri S&T or S&T. For more information about how to use our name, our logo, and our brand identity, visit

They were ever so kindly reminding us about the rules of their name since no one can get it right. (Not even some professors.) This isn’t the first time and I have
mentioned it before.

Because they told me not to, I think I’ll call it anything but S&T… like MUST. (Well actually they didn’t mention MUST but that one is supposed to be a given.) Their name game is now a pet peeve of mine. MUST is in fact the initials so why leave out any important letters like the U or the M? It is a University of Missouri, are they ashamed? If it spells a word, so be it. They should’ve thought of that when they were naming it… like when parents name a baby some make sure their initials won’t be weird (like PMS or something). They could even use it to their advantage, “You MUST go here. It’s the best school ever (or we have the best St. Pat’s ever… something like that.)

I MUST transfer.

MUST it be so complicated?

Formerly known as UMR, the school I attend recently chose a new name that has usage issues.

This is what I found on their website and I just had to laugh… They also told us this at registration day.

“Our name is Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri S&T or simply S&T. NEVER MST, MS&T, MUST, MoS&T or any other abbreviation. MST is acceptable in reference to ONLY in email addresses and URLs.”

Honestly, part of the reason I don’t want to graduate from here is because I don’t want to say… “I graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.” Being such a long name, that takes entirely too long to say!

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I am getting more than enough grants and scholarships to cover all my costs for at least the 2009-2010 year. That is almost hard to wrap my mind around!
I do realize how lucky I am for that, but I don’t think I can fully appreciate it in my situation. I have to pay the price of being lonely instead.
However, I am most concerned about jumping into a semester and then my situation with my Dad taking a major toll on me emotionally and therefore negatively affecting my academics. I’m actually signed up for Organic Chemistry for the Fall semester, but I think I am going to switch it for a different class. I predict that it will be my most challenging class so it probably would not be a good time to take it at this point. I know that it would take up so much of my time and add extra stress that I don’t need.
I guess I just have to take that chance of starting a new semester.
Such a tough situation and an extremely difficult time in my life in so many ways. I’m scared to say that I don’t even think the worst has come yet.
There’s simply not enough words to explain it and even if there were, only God could understand.