MUST it be so complicated?

Formerly known as UMR, the school I attend recently chose a new name that has usage issues.

This is what I found on their website and I just had to laugh… They also told us this at registration day.

“Our name is Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri S&T or simply S&T. NEVER MST, MS&T, MUST, MoS&T or any other abbreviation. MST is acceptable in reference to ONLY in email addresses and URLs.”

Honestly, part of the reason I don’t want to graduate from here is because I don’t want to say… “I graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.” Being such a long name, that takes entirely too long to say!

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I am getting more than enough grants and scholarships to cover all my costs for at least the 2009-2010 year. That is almost hard to wrap my mind around!
I do realize how lucky I am for that, but I don’t think I can fully appreciate it in my situation. I have to pay the price of being lonely instead.
However, I am most concerned about jumping into a semester and then my situation with my Dad taking a major toll on me emotionally and therefore negatively affecting my academics. I’m actually signed up for Organic Chemistry for the Fall semester, but I think I am going to switch it for a different class. I predict that it will be my most challenging class so it probably would not be a good time to take it at this point. I know that it would take up so much of my time and add extra stress that I don’t need.
I guess I just have to take that chance of starting a new semester.
Such a tough situation and an extremely difficult time in my life in so many ways. I’m scared to say that I don’t even think the worst has come yet.
There’s simply not enough words to explain it and even if there were, only God could understand.





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