When theres’s nothing else to blog about…

This makes 40 random facts you’ve always wanted to know about me!

1) I met a boy online, and then met him in person … in 7th grade/8th grade. I promise my parents are good parents. Maybe I’ll tell the story sometime because I still can’t believe such a thing happened. I find it funny, ha.

2) It drives me crazy when the bottom of my pants get wet in the rain.. so I was VERY excited when cute rain boots became popular. Or should I say existed…did they even have them before that trend came about?
3) I hate roller coasters and any amusement park rides. My body is super sensitive to them, in a bad way. I wouldn’t ride them for any amount of money.
4) I have always been a perfectionist student. A’s are always my goal. Hence why my friend calls me “Miss 98.”
5) I’m picky about my chocolate, but I have been craving certain kinds A LOT lately. I don’t like certain kinds such as Hershey’s bars, Hershey’s kisses, Hershey’s syrup. Ok maybe it’s Hershey’s? No chocolate boxes for me on V-Day. [Well unless it’s an empty chocolate box with a present in it; Ryan… LOL. That was cute.]
6) I was almost born on 8.8.88, wouldn’t that have been cool? My mom said she tried, lol.
7) Totally random: I have a great aunt who has a “woman partner” named…this is SO funny…Honey Weiner.
8) When I’m REALLY tired, I crave physical touch. Cuddling, hugging, sitting on a lap, leaning on someone, etc. [By the way, I’m not talking about random people.] Most of the time I’m like that anyway, but especially when I’m tired. Very important requirement for future husband: must love cuddling. It’s for his own good– or he will be miserable. =)
9) I read WebMD.com almost everyday.
10) I LOVE band-aids. I use them a lot, even for little cuts.





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