• Ryan’s New CycloCross Bike

    Apparently the shopping spree wasn’t over.  Yesterday, Ryan got a new bike and is selling his old one (it’s REALLY old, he got it last summer – sarcasm!).  Ever since he bought his bike last summer, he decided he wanted a road bike too.  His fitness bike (Trek 7.1 FX) just wasn’t fast enough for […]

  • When theres’s nothing else to blog about…

    This makes 40 random facts you’ve always wanted to know about me! 1) I met a boy online, and then met him in person … in 7th grade/8th grade. I promise my parents are good parents. Maybe I’ll tell the story sometime because I still can’t believe such a thing happened. I find it funny, […]

  • Transfer student weirdness

    *Once again, comparing my school (S&T) to another school (AU) instead of doing homework* 1) 90-100% is an A, 80-89% is a B…. No A-, B-, etc! Woo! 2) This semester is an extra week and 2 days longer than AU’s. :( Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Missouri thing. 3) Instead of Easter […]

  • The future…

    Mark my words… Ryan will be famous someday (I’m not yet sure why/how, there are many possibilities). And not necessarily a “huge celebrity.” If/when (circle one) I marry Ryan and have kids… I will have 9-10 lb babies. My kids will be taller than me. I will have a redhead kid. Right now I think […]