Ryan’s New CycloCross Bike

Apparently the shopping spree wasn’t over.  Yesterday, Ryan got a new bike and is selling his old one (it’s REALLY old, he got it last summer – sarcasm!).  Ever since he bought his bike last summer, he decided he wanted a road bike too.  His fitness bike (Trek 7.1 FX) just wasn’t fast enough for him.

Thankfully he found a bike that is the best of both worlds and fits his needs.  He now has the 2010 Redline Conquest Sport.  He can ride it as a road bike (when he’s not with me of course) or slow down and take a more leisurely ride when he IS riding with me.

Yesterday we took our first bike ride of the season together and he tried out his new ride.  I think the cyclocross bike is the winner!

We actually rode almost 7 miles yesterday and I was pretty proud of myself considering I am out of shape.  I didn’t even come close to passing out!

I didn’t get a new bike, but I did sport my new bike jersey (that Ryan got me for Valentine’s Day), my new padded bike shorts, and my new CamelBak that holds 1.5 liters of water.  I got the shorts and the CamelBak on Sunday and I’m so glad I did!  For one, I feel like a professional (ha!).  The water is very light on my back and definitely worth the convenience of not having to reach down for water bottle. Also – the shorts and jersey keep me cool, unlike the cotton shirts & shorts I was wearing last year.

Ryan's New Bike 10 Ryan's New Bike 18 Ryan's New Bike 27 Ryan's New Bike 29

Ryan's New Bike 60

Ryan's New Bike 64

Ryan's New Bike 66

When theres’s nothing else to blog about…

This makes 40 random facts you’ve always wanted to know about me!

1) I met a boy online, and then met him in person … in 7th grade/8th grade. I promise my parents are good parents. Maybe I’ll tell the story sometime because I still can’t believe such a thing happened. I find it funny, ha.

2) It drives me crazy when the bottom of my pants get wet in the rain.. so I was VERY excited when cute rain boots became popular. Or should I say existed…did they even have them before that trend came about?
3) I hate roller coasters and any amusement park rides. My body is super sensitive to them, in a bad way. I wouldn’t ride them for any amount of money.
4) I have always been a perfectionist student. A’s are always my goal. Hence why my friend calls me “Miss 98.”
5) I’m picky about my chocolate, but I have been craving certain kinds A LOT lately. I don’t like certain kinds such as Hershey’s bars, Hershey’s kisses, Hershey’s syrup. Ok maybe it’s Hershey’s? No chocolate boxes for me on V-Day. [Well unless it’s an empty chocolate box with a present in it; Ryan… LOL. That was cute.]
6) I was almost born on 8.8.88, wouldn’t that have been cool? My mom said she tried, lol.
7) Totally random: I have a great aunt who has a “woman partner” named…this is SO funny…Honey Weiner.
8) When I’m REALLY tired, I crave physical touch. Cuddling, hugging, sitting on a lap, leaning on someone, etc. [By the way, I’m not talking about random people.] Most of the time I’m like that anyway, but especially when I’m tired. Very important requirement for future husband: must love cuddling. It’s for his own good– or he will be miserable. =)
9) I read WebMD.com almost everyday.
10) I LOVE band-aids. I use them a lot, even for little cuts.

Transfer student weirdness

*Once again, comparing my school (S&T) to another school (AU) instead of doing homework*

1) 90-100% is an A, 80-89% is a B…. No A-, B-, etc! Woo!
2) This semester is an extra week and 2 days longer than AU’s. :( Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a Missouri thing.
3) Instead of Easter Break to observe one of the most important times in history, S&T gets St. Pat’s Break. (So that the majority of the campus can get wasted).
4) S&T has REALLY expensive microscopes, like the electron microscope, phase contrast, & Nomarski
5) S&T has “clicker” classrooms where you use clickers to take quizzes or answer questions.
6) At S&T you pay by the credit hour, it’s not one set price for full time status like at AU.

By the way, I realized that after this semester I will have credit from 4 different colleges. Oh and also today I applied for AU for the third time. Sigh.

The future…

Mark my words…

Ryan will be famous someday (I’m not yet sure why/how, there are many possibilities). And not necessarily a “huge celebrity.”
If/when (circle one) I marry Ryan and have kids…
I will have 9-10 lb babies.
My kids will be taller than me.
I will have a redhead kid.
Right now I think pregnancy will be
so amazing, but I bet I will end up hating it. :(
Ryan will pass out sometime during the labor
& delivery.
And so will I.
I will be so incredibly nervous
during my wedding.
I will break out on my upper chest like I do
when I get REALLY nervous.
It will look lovely in pictures.
This doesn’t have to do with kids…but Ryan
will be the one deciding on interior
decorating. lol.
My brother will live at home for far too long.
I will get osteoporosis. (Ok that’s a long time from now)
Nour and I will be friends for life (despite her doubts…we’ve had many conversations about this)
I’ll end up with a job that doesn’t make a lot of money, yet I’ll be in school forever.
I won’t get married until I’m like, 25.
The generation of my grandkids will think it’s absolutely insane that we treated cancer by giving people radiation treatment and putting poison in their bodies (chemo).

This list may be continued sometime. I just wanted to write these things down. Only time will tell…