April Fool’s stories…in May; why not?

Writing prompt:

Write about a prank you participated in, experienced, or heard about (on April Fool’s Day or any other day).

April Fool’s 2008, Anderson University:
Some friends and I decided (well it wasn’t my idea..ha) to play a prank on our chemistry professor for April Fool’s! We thought that out of all our professors, he would take the joke well– and thankfully, he did. Personally, I was not 100% confident that it would go over well; I was honestly a little scared. We went in the classroom at like midnight (I guess it was unlocked?) because we had class the next morning at 9 AM. We did things like hide the chalk, took the batteries out of the mouse, taped the light switches and locks, turned up the speakers really loud, covered the projector, hung something from the ceiling?, changed the time on the clock, etc… It was FUNNY, especially to see his reaction and all the other students’ who didn’t know about it. Everytime he came up on something, he would figure out what we did and fix it. I started feeling a little guilty, especially when he couldn’t find the chalk. It was obvious that we all did it because we all sat in the front and were laughing – we weren’t exactly trying to hide it. Like I said, he did take it well and please note, we still passed chemistry! I don’t think many professors would appreciate an April Fool’s joke..so thankfully we made good judgement. He actually sent out an email about a test or something and in it included “if you didn’t make it to class today, you missed a fun April Fool’s prank…” =)

More April Fool’s: I’m convinced that my mom is the April Fool’s queen. She used to prank us and other students in elementary school! She would come to the classroom with boxes of pizza or donuts and say, “I brought your class a treat!” …And when the teacher opened the box, there was nothing in it!! HA, isn’t that evil?! She has also tricked friends and family into thinking she was pregnant, and other crazy things. She is good at keeping a straight face, whereas I am probably the world’s WORST at that! I cannot play jokes on people without cracking up and giving it away in a split second! Too bad…





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