My exciting life…

In the past week…

Most trees have leaves now. FINALLY it doesn’t look like winter anymore. I’m ecstatic.
April has come to an end. Welcome May! Rabbit rabbit!
I took my last education & cell bio test …earned 100% on both!
I’ve been slacking on blogging, incase you didn’t notice. I wish I could think of good blog topics.
I ordered some new clothes online and already received them.
I sat outside in the WARM sun and it was amazing. I even had to wear sunscreen.
I honestly can’t remember anything else, ha. Plus my life isn’t so exciting.

But I do have to say …
ONE WEEK LEFT OF SCHOOL!!! My finals week is non-existent for me. Reason being that
1)We can drop one test in cell bio and so I am “dropping” my final because my grade is fine.
2)Philosophy I can do whenever I want but I am putting it off.
3)Micro final got moved to one week from today.
4)Education final was this past Tuesday.

Update on my gastrointestinal problems from a while back incase you were wondering:
I took the H. pylori breath test and it came back negative.
I am supposed to get an endoscopy this summer to confirm H. pylori test, check for damage, check for Barrett’s Esophagus, etc.

Hopefully I will update again soon.





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