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  • Public House Brewery

    My Aunt and my Cousin & her BF have almost been here for 2 weeks now.  Ryan was here for almost one week too, but he had to leave for another job interview.  They all have made January, and my first few weeks of classes, much more enjoyable!  I don’t like winter, or the Spring […]

  • Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

    Today, I assisted Ryan in a winter engagement photo shoot of my friend Tiff & her fiance Travis.  It was in the 20 degree weather and the snow.. but it makes for beautiful pictures!  I was the smart one who wore gloves, a hat, two pairs of socks, boots… Ryan, on the other hand, probably got […]

  • Fall-ing For Autumn

    Autumn is bittersweet for me.  It replaces summer, my very favorite, and leads into winter, my least favorite.  So sometimes I just have to force myself to overlook those things and love fall for what it is.  And that would be a season full of potential.  It is what you make out of it, afterall!

  • First signs of spring!

    While I know that some people are still getting hit with winter weather, I think it’s officially on the way out here in Missouri. I’m confident in saying that we are in our last days of cool weather for the winter season. Just call me Punxsutawney Phil because I’m declaring that it’s the last week […]

  • Talkative

    This post you are about to read is what MckMama likes to a “stream of consciousness.” I’ve wrote a similar one before which I called Organized Rambling. You know, it’s where you literally just ramble on and write all the random things that come to mind and hope that it makes sense… oh and pretend […]