Public House Brewery

My Aunt and my Cousin & her BF have almost been here for 2 weeks now.  Ryan was here for almost one week too, but he had to leave for another job interview.  They all have made January, and my first few weeks of classes, much more enjoyable!  I don’t like winter, or the Spring Semester, so anything to break up the long winter is much appreciated!  So that explains my lack of blogging lately because I’ve been trying to keep up with my 15 hours of classes at the least.  :o)

We haven’t been out of the house too much (except me, for classes).  My Aunt has been sick with a bad cold so that’s part of it.  Plus, what’s there to do around here in the wintertime besides blow up Gingerbread Houses?

Last weekend, we decided to check out Public House Brewery, the new and local brewery around here.  They were having their grand opening with lots of bands, including a local band that Ryan used to play drums with.  So that’s what Darah (my cuz), Micah (her bf), Ryan (my bf), and I did last Saturday night.  It was a pretty fun night!  We saw quite a few people we knew (from high school and such) so apparently we weren’t the only ones with the idea!  Like I said… what else is there to do around here?

Did I mention I don’t like beer?  ha

Darah made me order a beer.  Actually she ordered one for me so I wouldn’t back out.  I could only drink half of it, and so I made Ryan drink the rest.  He likes (good) beer, whereas I prefer wine.

I got the Kolsch (your standard light beer), Ryan got the APA (citrus-y), and Darah and Micah got the stout (which actually tasted like coffee/chocolate going down).

Oh we also got a tour/lesson/behind the scenes look on how they made our beer.

Here’s some pictures from our evening out…

But first, a photo op with my Mom before we left.

Public House Brewery 75

Public House Brewery 64

Public House Brewery 2

At the brewery… the lighting was horrible so excuse the grain.

Public House Brewery 173

Public House Brewery 92 Public House Brewery 123 Public House Brewery 108 Public House Brewery 115 Public House Brewery 132 Public House Brewery 125

Public House Brewery 149

Public House Brewery 143

Public House Brewery 168

Public House Brewery 154

First signs of spring!

While I know that some people are still getting hit with winter weather, I think it’s officially on the way out here in Missouri. I’m confident in saying that we are in our last days of cool weather for the winter season. Just call me Punxsutawney Phil because I’m declaring that it’s the last week of winter!

I’m not usually a very observant person (like, not at all), but one exception is when it comes to spring. I make a point to look around for the signs of spring, as I’ve been doing this past week. It feeds my spring fever and makes me long for it even more. But when I see the hints of the upcoming season, it gives me hope! Hope that winter is behind us and warm weather is about to take its place.

Finally…Spring is just around the corner!

If you actually look for signs of the season to arrive, you can’t miss them. The birds know that winter is drifting away; you can hear them singing more often. The weather is slowly, but surely getting warmer. It has made it to about 50 degrees and that feels really warm after a long, cold winter. Pretty soon it will be creeping up into the 60’s and that day will be amazing! The sun is shining more and it feels warmer. In fact, the sun angle is about 45 degrees here in Small Town, Missouri. (Props to our ecology teacher for informing us of the increasing sun angle.) And guess what I saw peeking out of the ground the other day?! Flowers, possibly tulips, just starting to make their way out of the soil! Now that was exciting! On a related note, I can also see the beginning of purple leaf buds on a tree that I pass on my way to school. I watched it last year and I know it is one of the first ones to get leaves. I saw the purple in the sunlight and I had to do a double take. I want to make sure I’m not just imagining these things as symptoms of my spring fever. ;) It hasn’t happened yet, but next the grass will begin to get its green color back!

I’m so giddy that spring is on the way and I don’t think I’m the only one! I’ve heard a lot of people say they are anticipating its arrival. It will be obvious in just a few short weeks and I seriously can’t wait! I want to get into my short-sleeve shirts, flip flops, sunglasses.. drive with my windows down.. and sit outside and soak in some long-overdue sunshine. Ahhh.

This upcoming week will be also be the start of March and it holds so much possibility for all things spring! Does that sound good or what?!
P.S.- I’ve had very little inspiration to blog lately, but it looks like spring is just what I need :)


This post you are about to read is what MckMama likes to a “stream of consciousness.”

I’ve wrote a similar one before which I called Organized Rambling. You know, it’s where you literally just ramble on and write all the random things that come to mind and hope that it makes sense… oh and pretend like someone is listening.

It’s the perfect night to write one of these because I am in a super talkative mood! This doesn’t happen very often, but oh do I like when it does happen! It’s fun and not my normal quiet self. I’m sure the other people that have had their ear talked off tonight (my Mom, Nour, and Ryan) don’t like it as much. Who knows, maybe they do.

I haven’t felt very bloggy this month, as you probably already know. I could probably think of something to write about if I really tried, but I feel pressured not to bore my readers. And the things I could write about are boring. Oh well. But now I will talk advantage of my talkative mood before I go to bed. And if you read this, then thanks for listening! :)

But let me tell you… this weekend won’t be boring! RYAN IS COMING TO SEE ME! It’s our weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day because this past weekend he was at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in snowy and cold Ohio. All these crazy boys (and some girls) choose to risk getting frostbite rather than spend V-Day weekend with their loved ones. Weirdos! :) I still love you though, Ryan.

Thankfully, this week is already going by fast! Tonight I kept thinking that it was Monday. Oh shoot! That reminds me, I forgot to watch the Duggars since I forgot it was Tuesday. Dang, I’ll have to catch it later. I should’ve known it was Tuesday because I was babysitting tonight like I often do on Tuesday nights. Then again, I also sometimes babysit Mondays and Thursdays and then pretty much any other day anyone needs me and I’m available. So nevermind about that.

Tonight when I got home my ears were on fire! Sometimes they get hot and red and it seems like for no particular reason (the outside of them). Does this happen to anyone else or am I even weirder than I thought? Oh and I have a tonsil stone (ew) that is making my ear and throat hurt. Sometimes they do that, or other times they make me want to gag (like last week). Seriously, I have way too many issues and I promise I don’t make them up!

Oh about the sleeping disruptions I mentioned two posts ago… I appreciate your suggestions, but I think I might’ve been a little unclear. I don’t really have trouble getting to sleep, it’s just that I wake up in the morning before my alarm goes off and it’s annoying. It might be because sometimes I turn my alarm off so I’m waking up to see if I’ve done that and missed class. I also have annoying dreams a lot that make me feel like I’m not getting good sleep (even though REM sleep is supposed to be good?). Last night I had a dream that Ryan and I broke up and I woke up sweating and hot (and sad). The night before I had a dream I met my blog friend Mrs. Haid and her cute baby. It’s not the first time I’ve had blog related dreams… or dreams about breaking up. Sometime I’m going to write a post about recurring dreams of mine… because my dreams are more eventful than real life.

Did I mention Ryan will be here THIS WEEKEND?! Oh, yes I did. But it’s notable and exciting enough to mention twice!

I’m ready for spring. SO READY. The spring fever is increasing by the second, but it keeps getting colder outside. My Mom and I were talking about how much we hate winter and how it seems like it’s always winter here. Also, our cats have been driving us crazy because they are tired of winter too. It’s true. And it’s also true that I need to move out of the mid-west, which I’ve mentioned a million times before. Can’t-take-this-four-season-decidious-forest-stuff-anymore. Will-go-crazy (crazier, I mean).

Since I’ve already mentioned being crazy pretty much this whole post, I might as well add something else. I mess with my hair allll the time, but I can’t stop and it drives me crazy. If I shave my head, you know why.

Umm… I hope this anxiety medicine kicks in really soon. Don’t you? ;-)

And I hope you will still be my (blog) friend after hearing all this. I must go to sleep because I gotta get up in 8 hours for class! Sweet dreams (to you and me!)

P.S. (Because when you’re talkative, you can’t just end a conversation at your first goodbye) …
Feel free to comment about any random thoughts or any strange issues you may have. I’d love to listen!

Good night!