For your viewing pleasure…

I’d like to share my very favorite pictures of my boyfriend, ,ex-boyfriend, umm future husband, best friend with benefits?, err… I mean, Ryan and me! ;) I also added some captions for more fun! Look at your own risk!

[Whoever liked to be labeled anyway… well, besides me.]

All of these are old (it’s obvious now, scary!), but we were cuter then…Or took way more pictures, which means a better chance of a good one.

Homecoming 2007. Can’t you just hear the lyrics in the background?
“Sweet like candy to my soul. Sweet you rock and sweet you roll. Lost for you I’m soo lost for you.”

I said yes!It was just frosting. (Future husband.) But is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Chapter One (December 2005). I think I was trying to hint to shirt said “Miss Mistletoe.” Joking!

This goodbye was only for part of the day. Why can’t they all be like that!?

“Quit tickling me, Mindy!” …
“But it’s soo cute!”

Can’t you see this on a billboard? “Ruby’s Homemade Ice Cream. Exit now!”

Just a nice looking picture with a good looking boy. [Minus the fact that it looks like I’m about to punch him.]

Kiss me better. [Not like “Improve your kisses,” but “Make me feel better!”]

Here’s one of the many great pictures that Kathleen Frazier took of us in summer 2008.

I have been trying for years, literally, to try to capture this face in a picture. Next time open your eyes!!

I warned you to look at your own risk. Disgustingly cute :)

“I know you’re a drummer, but pretend for a second that you are playing her a love song. It’ll make a good picture.” [The thought process of Courtney Campbell, who took these pictures for Valentine’s Day 2006.]

Ryan: I’m so cute it hurts. (Look at that expression!)

Me: In his arms…in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys… am I dreaming? Sigh





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