Celebrating my Dad

Today is not only the first day of summer, but it’s also a day to celebrate Dads! So I’d like to dedicate a post to my Dad in saying Happy Father’s Day! I love you Dad.

Moments after he became an official Dad on my Birth Day, 1988! (This was the picture I was wanting to scan in my Daddy’s Girl post.)

1990. Kisses for Dad.

…And then she quickly grew up, but she’s always be his first-born, one and only daughter, & pride and joy.

Dad, here is a prayer for you today. Would you say a prayer for him too?

Father God, I pray that you would heal my Dad from the inside out. Give us the miracle we’ve been praying for. I want my Dad back to himself; we all do. It may be a selfish prayer because it’s what we want, but You understand the longing of our hearts. You feel our pain and our aching hearts. Wrap your healing and loving arms around him each and everyday. Thank you for watching over him all this time; he is ultimately in your hands. Don’t let him forget that you are always by his side, on his side, full of love and compassion for him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.





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