More family time!

First off, I decided not to take any summer classes. Less debt is better in the end, even if the end will be farther away. Thanks for the help. I suppose I will find something else to do with my summer? I need to study for/take the C-BASE, but I keep forgetting. I would also LOVE to go to Florida. Hmm..

So what’s been going on lately?
Well it’s not all good news. Sunday through Friday my Dad was in the hospital for pneumonia, infection in the blood, and probable pleurisy. Ugh! He was not good at all, but thankfully he is now at home and feeling better. I was busy visiting him up in St. Louis with my Mom last week. Because he was in the hospital, my mom couldn’t go to my Grandma’s, so Ryan went with me Thursday-Saturday. She lives in Maryville, MO, a dead college town which most people haven’t heard of. We wanted to go visit because my cousin Christy and her kids were there visiting from Florida. I also got to see my Uncle John and his family that live around Kansas City. I loved spending time with more family! My cousin Christy has a 5 year old, Christian, and a 1 year old, Amelia. We played with them, went fishing, and just hung out! Amelia is SUCH a sweetie. Her favorite word is “hi!” And she was flirting with Ryan…haha! She liked him a lot. I put her to sleep a couple times and she loves to cuddle! She will hold on to your ear or hair and suck her thumb. So precious!!
We saw a turtle laying eggs! Six eggs to be exact. It dug a hole in the mud, and then would cover them up. We also saw a disgusting alligator snapping turtle crossing the road. Here’s some pictures from the visit to Maryville…
Turtle laying eggs

Amelia & me


The above pictures are taken by Ryan. If you want to see more, go here.
The rest of the pictures are from my camera. I’m sure you notice the quality difference, hah.

Amelia can’t quite walk yet, so Ryan was helping her around.

Christian & me

Amelia & her buddy Ryan!





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