Short & Sweet

Edit to title: Maybe like, Short & Sweet, lol

When people first meet me, I bet their first impression is the fact that I am short and very petite. To be exact: 5 foot nothin’ and yes I wear a coughsizezerocough. It’s mostly due to my short legs that I’m lacking in height because my torso is somewhat normal length. I have always been shorter and smaller than my peers. Since I’m so accustomed to being the little one, it doesn’t cross my mind most of the time. However, there are certain times when I am reminded that yes, indeed, I am short…

Such as:
  • When I’m pushing a regular sized grocery cart. I feel like I’m 10 years old and I feel like people look at me that way.
  • When I’m driving a big vehicle, such as my mom’s Trailblazer
  • When I see myself in pictures next to other people…Whoa!
  • When I try on pants or dresses and they are WAY too long
  • When I’m standing behind some counters, like at Subway. Perfect height not to see anything but the top of the counter.
  • When I’m standing on the couch and I’m the same height as Ryan (this happened the other night)
  • When I’m holding a baby. They always look so little and cute until I hold them (well they’re still cute, but I always get the comment “They’re half your size!”)
  • When I can’t reach something in the cabinet or at a store (clothing on sale is usually up high, ANNOYING)
  • When I sit in a chair that “swallows” me or when I look for office chairs and NONE go down low enough to allow my feet and floor to touch
  • When I can easily sit in positions with my legs up on a chair or something of the sort that would make normal sized people look funny
  • This has happened just a few times…when I go into a bathroom and can’t see myself in the mirror!!
  • When I can’t quite see over a podium, such as when I gave a speech at graduation! They had to make me a wooden box to stand on…
  • Sometimes when I hug people, I feel small.
  • When I sub at the elementary and the kids are almost my height or above! I get so many comments from them, how could it go unnoticed?
  • When I’m walking next to someone, say in a store with my mom, and I switch sides or something and she looks on both sides of her and says, “Hey where’d you go?!” And I’m right THERE! This happens a lot, haha.
  • When I’m walking in a large crowd of people and everyone towers over me…Although this has an advantage because I can maneuver around/below people easily.
  • When I need to borrow someone’s clothes and they also “swallow” me. It makes me feel bad because the person usually makes a negative comment about herself, but it’s really me that’s the abnormal size.
  • When people think I am waaay younger than 20 years old.
  • Or the obvious reminder: when people comment, “You are so _____ (petite, short, small, etc)!”

Now it sounds as if I am constantly reminded, but I easily forget. I think I like being short and small more times than not. …I am afraid of heights anyway ;-)

Here I’m holding my baby cousin when she is 5 months old

And here I am at graduation!





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