Thursday 13: Stuff

[13 things I can’t throw away]

—-> But keep in mind, I dislike clutter! I am not a pack rat. Too much stuff drives me crazy, even if it’s put away and organized. These items listed below I just can’t seem to throw away because some are fun to keep or look back on. (By the way, there’s not much more than 13.) Someday, they may very well end up in the trash. For now, most remain in boxes, stashed away, and a few are displayed/used.

1) Several dried corsages from dances in High School
2) All the letters I’ve received since 7th grade until now, all organized by year
3) Color/Winter Guard related items: such as notes, locker decorations, gifts, almost every newspaper article we were in, polo, jacket, warm up pants, gloves, flag, rifle (Just for the record: I returned everything that was not mine to keep!)
4) Some movie ticket stubs & “evidence” from other various events
5) Several dried roses & rose petals
6) Lots of graduation items: cap (which I had people sign), gown, tassels, all cards I received, a list of all the gifts I received and from who, newspaper articles, etc
7) Beads that hung from my car’s rearview mirror for several years
8) My HS Letter Jacket (WHY DID I GET ONE OF THOSE?! I can’t seem to throw away that $300 that I wasted)
9) First Florida trip sand & shells, and I even saved all of our receipts
10) Some old planners/calendars
11) A ton of old school papers/projects, some from HS and college, all organized by class in folders or notebooks. What if I need them?
(I realize that my Calculus papers will NOT make any sense now and can be trashed. Also, Chemistry in my HS was a joke. But it was funny to compare after I took it in college.)
12) T-shirts from HS… although most are now made into a quilt thanks to Ryan’s sweet and talented Grandma!
13) One of my earrings from when they were first pierced (3 years old) & my first ring as a little girl





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