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  • Winter Maternity Photos (Preview)

    Yesterday I took my first set of maternity photos for a friend from HS (we go way back).  :o)  She is due with her second baby in just a couple of weeks and has a little girl who is about to turn 3 (who is ADORABLE).

  • Saturday Catch-Up

    How does time slip away so quickly? I haven’t blogged since Monday and I didn’t mean for that to happen. I can’t blame it on tests again… but I can blame it on the fact that I feel like the energy is sucked out of me every day. I hope I don’t bore you, but […]

  • Half-Birthday

    Picture from the beginning of my 20’s. My last birthday with my Dad here. :( Happy Half-Birthday to Me and Happy Groundhog Day to You! I’m not sure why I never let my half-birthday go unrecognized, but I feel it’s important too. When I have kids, I think I’ll do something special for their half-birthdays […]

  • HS is not for me

    Reflection of my high school aiding (observation) experience thus far (about 12 hours out of 60 hours completed)…. I would not want to commute 45 minutes to a job. Ideally, maybe 10 minutes at the most. I was informed that one teacher at this HS drives 2.5 hours everyday to work! Unbelievable! Despite the fact […]

  • Remembering Septembers past

    As the season of fall brings in cooler weather, it also drags in old memories along with it. For me, the way fall interacts with my senses triggers memories of autumns past. Usually it’s the most recent year, but sometimes it will go even further back. Unfortunately, this time around it’s memories I don’t want […]