Twenty-one years ago, at 8:53 in the morning,

A husband and wife became first time parents after 8 years of preparing

to a baby girl they called Mindy.

The chubby bundle of love, weighing in at 8 lb 5 oz and measuring 20.5 inches, gave them no clue that she would grow to be a petite, little girl.

Her head was bald for quite some time, so her mom dressed her in pink and dresses, to let others know she was in fact, a girl!

It must’ve been impossible to imagine their little baby growing into a 21-year-old someday, but she started growing right before their eyes, whether they could keep up or not.

Even if they could imagine their daughter as a young woman, they would not picture the situation being faced today. Only in their worst nightmares would such an idea come about.. and now it is reality.

However, this baby grew to know her parents quite well, and she knows that today her Daddy does not want her to be sad. He never wanted his baby girl to be upset; he just wanted the best for her. So today, he is saying, please celebrate and enjoy because I am too! The man who was an instrument into bringing her into the world is celebrating with the Author of her life, sharing smiles and love for her at her party in Heaven.

Easier said than done because it would be ideal to have one BIG party together… I’m RSVP’ing for that day.

The line it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to has a whole new meaning.






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