My 21st

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to God gave me a peace so great I smiled instead. (Although I didn’t wear make-up just incase)

I’m now twenty-one and getting older by the second! Eeek! Unlike many 21-year-olds, I did not have 21 shots, or several drinks, or even a sip of alcohol. That’s just not my thing.

However, like other 21-year-olds, I will get my license renewed since it is now EXPIRED!

My birthday events were pretty much unplanned. I woke up around 11 AM ( I was soo drained and tired from the previous day, I probably could’ve slept longer), hung out in my PJ’s for a while, showered and went out to my Aunt & Uncle’s with my family & Ryan. We fished for about 10 minutes (I just didn’t really feel like fishing, shock!), ate some ribs, got a surprise ice cream cake!!! (YUM, there’s still some leftover), opened cards, and came home.
At home, we had a dance party.. well I sat back and watched, lol. I opened my presents from Ryan, which was everything I needed to finish my TV setup. In other words, I can now sit on my bed with my wireless keyboard and mouse and use my TV screen as a computer monitor. He’s encouraging laziness and up-to-date technology. He also bought me a cute shirt I can wear while doing this. lol. We all went to bed really late, like 2 AM. I was so exhausted and I still am because I didn’t get umm, 12 hours of sleep. :)

I know my Dad was with us in spirit the whole day, laughing at our crazy car ride to Rolla. Being stuck in the car with my brother is, wow, something you don’t really want to experience… hence why we avoided family road trips at all costs.

Darah, Ryan and I stuck in the backseat.

My cousin Darah and me

Sweet cards

It’s my B-Day and I can wear silly pins if I want to, right? My Dad wore this on his 50th birthday this past May. :)

One last thing to note…
Why is it so dang awkward when people sing Happy Birthday to you?






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