First Impressions

Two days down. So far, so good not too bad. I don’t know why I doubt myself, but my first impressions of classes are usually not good for me. I admit it, professors and syllabi intimidate me! Yes, me, the over achieving, 4.0 student. If and when I’m ever in the front of a classroom, I will make a point to not intimidate students.

Teacher Field Experience: This class is an education lab where I have to get in 60 observing hours in a classroom, which she said I could be placed in an elementary classroom. [They don’t actually have an elementary education major at S&T so my major is secondary education, but I want to teach elementary.] So anyway she worked it out for me thankfully! 8 AM is too early, especially on a Monday of the first day of class. Good thing we only have the actual class meeting 3 times in the semester (two more times now!) I take that back though, because I want to observe from 8 AM- 3 PM until my 60 hours are up. That way it only takes about two weeks, then I write my interview paper and reflection paper and I’m finished! I like that.

Aiding Experience: This is just like teacher field experience, but instead of observing, you are aiding in the classroom in whatever way possible. I have to be in a high school classroom for this–bummer. I will start my 60 hours as soon as my observation hours are over, because that class is typically before this one. Then I will (hopefully) get in my 60 hours in about two weeks also. That means I should be finished by October with my daytime classes and I can start subbing during the days since the rest of my classes are at night!

School Organization and Adm for Elementary and Secondary Teachers: This is once a week, so we actually only have it 14 more times! It doesn’t sound difficult– plus the tests are open book & note. It’s the second part of the intro to education from the last semester. We are using an updated version of the book, which is brand new and costs $120, of which I bought and sold my old book for about $10 on Amazon. I found out though that I could’ve kept that book and used it instead. Dang! The professor is the superintendent of Rolla schools; he’s a nice guy! We get bonus points for attending a school board meeting! You know me, gotta get those bonus points.

Early Western Civilization: Ugh, history. Ha. I don’t know if I’m going to take this class because a spot has opened in the Art History class. I’m #1 on the wait list, but I just have to find out if the professor will still let me in. But anyway, I don’t think this class would be all that bad, but it’s history. Yuck.

I still have Government and possibly Art History to attend. We’ll see how this works out.

Today a student had 3 questions for the professor after she explained the syllabus. The 3rd question is one to remember (and share with you): “When we type papers, do you prefer one or two spaces in between sentences, because one space peeves me?” Teacher’s response, “I don’t count spaces in between sentences…”

Only at S&T!!!!

It gets under my skin when professors are crazy ridiculous about missing tests, classes, whatever. Because in real life, things happen. So I was glad to find out…. if we get in a car wreck on the way to campus, that is in fact, an acceptable excuse to miss a test. Phew, I thought I might have to leave the scene of an accident if that happened!

I called the Art Department to find about that Art Appreciation class because the professor didn’t have an email address listed on the website. I questioned the secretary about that on the phone and she said “Oh no, he doesn’t have one because he doesn’t check his email. He doesn’t know how to use computers. *laughs*”

Okay then… I thought this school was Missouri University of Science AND TECHNOLOGY.

While I was writing this, I just FB chatted with another student from S&T who just went to the Art Appreciation class. WOW. I just
have to share what I heard. Forget what I said earlier, I may have changed my mind about the taking the class.

First day of class: He walked in and the entire class went silent. Why? I dont know if it’s because everyone knows who he is or what. He said “Is anybody on the waitlist for this class?” A few raised their hands and then he said, “Bye bye, see ya, you can go ahead and leave.”

“No, this is not a joke, you can leave.”

So 3 left. And the other 3 or 4 stayed and he asked them why they were still here. They said they needed the class, and he repeated this and asked another guy.

He refered to them throughout the lecture, and then at the end he said “Ok those of you waiting to get in the class, follow me.” So I don’t know if they got in or not. I know one guy did since he argued with him kind of and had an add/drop slip.

And if you sit in the front row, don’t. But if you have to, don’t put your backpack on the floor. He gets right in your face if you sit in the front.

The lecture was him talking to us really slow about extremely deep stuff. No syllabus. He said if you show up you get an A, basically. He told us that we’ll sign an attendance sheet and he will base grades on that. What my friends said he does is pass out the tests and then ask someone for the answer until its right then everyone writes it down.

He is very intimidating though.

He will probably ask you guys first why you are taking this class…he asked about 5 of us.

One guy said “for the easy A.”

That was a mistake.

Like I said, WOW. This would be the ultimate test of intimidating professors. Should I try to get in the class or forget it? Let’s see if I can muster up some courage.

Or on the other hand, stick with the history class.

Oh and then he went on to tell me about a speech professor, who wore holey and stained clothes to class and said something about how he doesnt have to wear a tie because he doesn’t feel like it. He passed around a box in which students had to place their cell phones. When one vibrated during class, he searched for the right one and answered it. There were 28 people in a closet-like classroom sitting in a circle. A student of his from this summer said they had to give speeches on what he liked, like rap music and his favorite kind of cigarettes.

I just made a mental note for when I find a speech class.

….And now I will be quiet before an S&T employee finds this blog and forces me to find a different school.





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  1. rae Avatar
    This cracked me up! I'm missing school SO MUCH right now. Good stories are never far off…
  2. rae Avatar
    This cracked me up! I'm missing school SO MUCH right now. Good stories are never far off…
  3. Mindy Avatar
    Haha yeah maybe I should take that art class for some more good stories… :)
  4. Mindy Avatar
    Haha yeah maybe I should take that art class for some more good stories… :)

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