214 — the room number of my first class today. Bright ‘n early at 8 AM.

1 —- how long the summer felt… that’s in minutes. I am serious. Read my other post from today.

5 —- the very small number of hours I slept last night. Yikes.

384 —- the # of miles that now separates Ryan and me. That’s 384 too many!

16 —- weeks ahead of me in this semester. Watch them fly by.

2 —- hour nap this afternoon helped my sleep deprivation enough to make it through a 2 hour evening class.

11 —- my self-proclaimed bed time tonight, in order to be prepared for another 8 AM class.

60 —- the amount of money I just spent on a new backpack (moonlight ivory color).

3 —- the # of times I drove to Rolla today. 1) first class 2) eye check-up 3) last class

20/40 —- my vision, according to the eye doctor today. Still legal to drive without glasses! Take that license bureau, who gave me some weird right eye restriction that requires me to have a right mirror on my car. Who doesn’t have one? Duh!

400 —- the approximate number of calories in my breakfast

4 —- the # of people who will win a pair of Gap jeans from this giveaway…I could be one of them and so could you! Enter the giveaway here for a chance. Telling you about it just gave me 1 more entry!

0 —- how many more times I want to say goodbye to Ryan for a long period of time. Let me spell it out for you… Z-E-R-O.






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