Today, the fourteenth of September, is a very important day in the life of M Squared. Twenty-two years ago, right before the clock struck midnight, my boyfriend made his beautiful appearance into the world! Beautiful and big appearance, at a record-setting 11 lbs, 9 ounces! His poor Momma. I know she would agree it was all worth it though! Look at him now… such a talented, intelligent, lovely, good looking, amazing man of God (& the list goes on!) And he’s only in his early 20’s! Watch out world…
(But girls: he’s all mine!) :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ryan, Happy Birthday to you!
(You’ll just have to imagine me singing… or maybe you should leave it at this!!! heh)

Happy 22nd Birthday to my Love! I’m so blessed to have you in my life, even if it took 18 years to meet despite living in the same small town all our lives! God has perfect timing, even if it seems silly to us. :-) Seriously, we could’ve been pre-school sweethearts! I consider myself one lucky girl!!!

You may have thought 22 was no big deal, but did you know it is now a milestone? You can now legally text and drive in the state of Missouri! I wouldn’t recommend it though, if you want to see each other again! I know I want to see you!!!! (right now, in fact!)

I wish I could be there with you on your day! :-( But with or without me, I hope it is amazing, just like you! You deserve the very best. I’ll be celebrating here in Missouri!!! How about I eat some chocolate for you?? (No need to answer, I’ll eat some anyway!) And of course daydream of you&me…

You put the 14 in 2.14. <3

I love you!





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