Tag: Happy Birthday

  • The New(er) M^2!

    No need to send out a search and rescue party, I have not gone missing!  (Neither has my blog if you’ve tried to access it in the past day.)  I’ve just been away from my blog and instead, with my boyfriend… you probably could’ve guessed that by now, since it has happened more than once […]

  • Fifty-one

    Today we would be celebrating my Dad’s 51st Birthday, just like we celebrated each birthday before that on the 21st of May. But he’s with Jesus this year. Celebrating an eternal life with Him. Can you imagine? Me neither. It’s far too perfect for my mind to fathom. I am at peace that he is […]

  • 9.14.87

    Today, the fourteenth of September, is a very important day in the life of M Squared. Twenty-two years ago, right before the clock struck midnight, my boyfriend made his beautiful appearance into the world! Beautiful and big appearance, at a record-setting 11 lbs, 9 ounces! His poor Momma. I know she would agree it was […]