Homework? Blogging? Homework? Blogging.

Did you hear? Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar did it again …literally. They’re soon to have 19 kids and counting! If you keep up with their family, you know that their first grandchild is due in October. Their new baby is due in March. I can’t imagine having a baby younger than your own grandchild. This may be pushing it a little bit for me, but it’s their life and they seem to like it. I’m sure TLC is overjoyed that it makes a more interesting show… to of course, bring in more viewers.

I can’t concentrate to do my dang homework… part of the reason being I’m too tired. I have a few reading assignments/note taking to do for West Civ (due tomorrow). I don’t even have any classes today, come on! I just haven’t been sleeping well. The infamous sleeping problems start up soon after Ryan leaves. Ugh. Insomnia, chocolate cravings, cuddling withdrawals… what a long-distance bummer!

Anyone else think it’s about time for Ryan to come back and cure visit me? I mean, it has been a week and a half. All he has to do is put this and this and this and this on hold and oh yes, find transportation. Not too difficult, right? Please agree.

You’re right, the road between here and Indiana is a two-way route. Plus I have a car, and no life. That makes it a bit easier. I have Labor Day weekend plans with the family, though.

Did you know? I’m so cold that I’m turning on the space heater in my room right now. My feet are like ice cubes. Certainly not like the ice cubes I’ve been eating all day, every day. Did I mention I don’t like cold weather? Ok, good.

Time to stop distracting myself (and perhaps you too) and finish my homework…

Distance makes the xoxos few and far between. :(

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  1. I can't imagine getting preg. again in two months, which is about what Mrs. Duggar did. Good greif, that would be rough.

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