Tag: Labor Day

  • Final Summer Fling

    Summer isn’t over until we make a visit to the Lake House. If you thought I disappeared, I sorta did… I spent my Labor Day weekend relaxing among family (along with the infamous amounts of E. coli in the Lake of the Ozarks) at my Aunt & Uncle’s Lake House getaway. Unfortunately, Ryan wasn’t included […]

  • Homework? Blogging? Homework? Blogging.

    Did you hear? Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar did it again …literally. They’re soon to have 19 kids and counting! If you keep up with their family, you know that their first grandchild is due in October. Their new baby is due in March. I can’t imagine having a baby younger than your own grandchild. […]

  • One Week. Check.

    I finally got my class schedule figured out! What a pain it is to add/drop classes after the semester starts, plus they don’t even give you 100% of your money back! I think they do that on purpose to make the Registrar’s job easier. Aren’t they paid for that? Ah ha, I get it. They […]