Some official, and not so official, news

I think it’s so sweet how babies/toddlers do different things when they’re falling asleep. I’m not talking about crying, but what I mean is like when my second cousin Amelia holds on to your ear, another little girl plays with your hair, a little boy rubs your arms— and they’re all so gentle about it! The last two kiddos I mentioned I babysat for this past weekend, which is what got me thinking about this. I hope my kids are cuddlers!!! They have to be if they have my genes. :)


I can’t believe I haven’t told you this yet – – I won a certificate for a free pair of Gap jeans from a Gap Enthusiast blog contest! Yay! I’ll take free clothes anyday!


Today I finished my observation in the 3rd grade classroom! It was a great learning experience, and she even wrote me a sweet letter of recommendation for the future. I’ll miss that class, but I’m going to apply to sub in that school! Tomorrow I start at Waynesville High School in a biology classroom, and then when Im finished I’ll be free during the days just before mid-term (first part of October). Almost there!


Today is officially the first day of… ugh, do I have to say it? Fall. I have to acknowledge it to at least change my toothbrush. (I change my toothbrush each new season for an easy reminder. You should try it if you forget to change it every 3 months.)


I have a new favorite show! And guess what? (Ryan, you’ll be proud.) The main topic isn’t babies (although I can’t say they’ll never be mentioned). The Dr Oz show! It’s set to record everyday at 11 AM incase I’m not here (the joys of DVR). Sorry Oprah, now I don’t have to watch your show because I mostly just used you to see Dr. Oz.


Yesterday I got the urge to get my hair cut very soon. I’m getting tired of my long, high maintenance hair so I’m looking for a short haircut… I’m need some ideas!!! I wish I could go on What Not To Wear to get an awesome new hair style and some new clothes.





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