HS is not for me

Reflection of my high school aiding (observation) experience thus far (about 12 hours out of 60 hours completed)….

I would not want to commute 45 minutes to a job. Ideally, maybe 10 minutes at the most. I was informed that one teacher at this HS drives 2.5 hours everyday to work! Unbelievable!

Despite the fact that I was introduced to the high schoolers as “a college student observing the class,” they still ask my age and question me because I do not look old enough.

No, I’m not a new student.
No, I’m not your sub.
Yes, I am really in college just like she told you. She’s not lying.
Which means yes, I am older than you.
21 years old to be exact.
No, I’m not your teacher’s daughter, niece, or any other relation.

I want to tell them… just because I look young does not mean you can treat me like that. If I was your new teacher for the year, would you first sit there and question my age, ability, and certification/degree because I look young and am small? I find this disrespectful and annoying.

High school students are so immature. They think they are funny when they’re really not, which makes me embarrassed for them. It seems like the 3rd graders are more mature, but as my CT (cooperating teacher) said, “They are probably both equally immature, but you expect the high schoolers to be more mature and since they’re not, it changes your perception.” Very true.

I would not enjoy teaching high school. I don’t like that age group, maybe because right now I am not too far away from their age and I feel like I was just sitting in those desks all day long. Or maybe because I feel that you have to possess a certain personality and qualities to deal with high schoolers, and I just don’t feel like I have it in me. Somebody has to do it, but I don’t think I’m on that list. I highly respect those who can deal with them. Throw me in with the little kids instead!

Teaching the same lesson multiple times a day would be monotonous to me. The positive side seems to be that equals less planning, but I don’t want to make assumptions.

Let’s face it… most (not all) high school kids would rather socialize and goof off at school than learn and do work. Their attitude is… the less work, the better! And then some go to college and little did they know, it all changes. It’s very strange to me. High school, to me, is just a strange part of life. I don’t think I’ll ever understand it.

Did I have that much energy in HS? I just realized that 3 years ago, I used to wake up really early, go to HS all day, and come home and do other things. Plus, do Color Guard things. And now, 3 years later, I don’t have enough energy to just sit and watch the high schoolers do this! I can’t be aging that quickly. What’s the deal?

This HS is triple the size of the one I attended. I thought it was odd that between class periods they go crazy over the intercom with announcements… calling kids to the main office, guidance counselor, announcing cancellations, whereas I went to a small HS where they had office aids (students) bring notes to classrooms. It seems like a way different environment in a huge school.

I forgot how short of a time 20 minutes is to eat lunch, especially as much as I bring for lunch! We had 50 minute lunches my last two years of HS.

I am so glad that my HS years are behind me. If you ever miss them, I would recommend observing a HS classroom and you’ll probably change your mind. But then again, maybe I’m weird.

I am supposed to be aiding in this class, but there’s seriously not much I can do. There’s so much more opportunity for participation in an elementary classroom.

That’s enough rambling for now. Time for bed so I can leave at 7:35 AM and make it to this HS on time: 8:30 AM.





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