bff Birthday!

What’s up with the weather? Winter clothes are officially in… scarves, sweaters, parka, boots, and all! It’s like January in October, mixed in with April showers. I heard the weather forecast on the radio tonight.. “Chance of sun on Saturday.” Because rain and clouds are now a given.

Have you ever made a wishful reference to being a size zero? Or perhaps being short? Take it back. Now. I went into the Gap today hoping to redeem my free pair of jeans. Ha, not so simple! First I had to figure out exactly what size fit me. Several years ago I wore a size 0 tightly in their jeans, but it seems that something has changed (and it’s not me). First off, there were hardly ANY size zeros out on the shelf and it’s certainly not because it’s a popular size. After some searching and assistance, I found out that double zero was the right size. Which not-so-conveniently only comes in one style. And that ONE style does not come in short sizes. Some other jeans come in short sizes, but not very many, and the ones that do are size zero. Which don’t fit. Awesome, thanks for the free pair of jeans GAP! Quit hatin’ on five foot nothings who don’t even get a natural number for a size.

But thank you, Old Navy, for the $50 free dollars of clothes. I appreciate your extra-smalls. But not your jeans either!

Anywaaay. Continue reading, it’s far more important now.

I would now like to dedicate the rest of this post to my lovely friend Nour because today is October 15th, a very special day!

I think it’s pretty amazing that God would choose one of my bffs to be someone from a different country, who now lives here in the US, but in a different state than MO! And how His plan worked out for each of us just right so that our paths would cross in Morrison Hall, 2nd floor. It was like we had been friends for years! I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty awesome. Thank you God for her life and for blessing me with our friendship! I do miss her now because she’s 384 miles away… but distance doesn’t stop us! (This distance thing is an unwelcome theme in my life.)

Today she is newly 19 years old!!! It’s her birthday!

I wish I was 19 and a junior in college! Lucky her! Pretty soon she’ll be calling me old and making fun of me and she’ll still be young. :)

An awesome part about this birthday of hers— I get to see her this weekend!!! Looking forward to a great weekend in Anderson seeing my bffs.

Nour, I hope your birthday is CHAZAL!

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear Nour! Happy Birthday To You! And many more…





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