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  • Valentine’s Day Decor

    Valentine’s Day is less than week away!  Can you believe it?

  • Picnic in the Park

    I’ve been in Indiana with Ryan for over a week now (which explains my lack of blogging)!  We’ve been busy riding bikes, shopping, eating, eating, eating, taking advantage of the half off Fraps at Starbucks, hanging out, photographing a wedding, etc!  It’s been an awesome start to summer break.  :)

  • All Aboard!

    Never have I ever… ridden a train.

  • 22 Years Young.. or Old?

    One week ago today I celebrated my 22nd birthday!  It was 8.2.10 (8+2=10, get it?). I had lots of good company, including my immediate family, my Aunt Marcie, my Cousin Darah and her boyfriend Micah, my BFF Nour, my FMIL Sara, and my paternal Grandparents.  Notice I didn’t mention Ryan.  :o(  He was at camp […]

  • Origins Release Party – John Tibbs Music

    Early Tuesday morning, I found myself on the way to Indiana yet again!  This time, I was a passenger with Ryan’s Mom and his Grandparents.  We were en route to the John Tibbs CD release party that night and we were also Ryan’s ride back home.  He was gone playing drums for a few weeks at […]