Not my week

This was my most stressful week of the fall semester thus far! For normal people, it probably wouldn’t have been stressful, but who defines normal anyway?!

On Monday through Thursday, six hours each day (plus two hours of driving) I “aided” at the high school for my education field experience. But it was more like observing, as I just sit there and put in my hours. And take a short 20 minute lunch break to shove all the food I can down my throat.

Besides that, I also had to study and prepare for my first history test, which was on Thursday afternoon! I must have a low stress tolerance nowadays ’cause one silly little test and I freak out. On top of that, history is extremely boring to me and that makes it a challenge to concentrate and study. And have you ever tried studying when you can barely keep your eyes open? ONE last problem… I developed a new empathy for teething babies. I had to put up with a wisdom tooth poking through my gums. Lovely.

All the wars, dates, people, and civilizations were running together. I gave in and read all 4 chapters of my text book (I hadn’t read it yet because I thought maybe I could get away with it– nope, changed my mind.) There is so much to study, yet only a tiny bit can be asked on the test. It makes all the studying and fretting over all the details seem pointless. Unless of course, you want to learn the material. But even if I did, I won’t remember it when this semester is over. Is it just me or do I have a HORRIBLE memory? I honestly can’t even remember material from my classes last semester, let alone my freshman year.

This week also welcomed October and COLD fall mornings. Brrrr! I honestly wore my winter coat and had my heat on the entire way to the high school one morning. The next day I pulled out a winter sweater to wear. Breaks my heart!

If you haven’t noticed, this just wasn’t my week. Everything was getting on my nerves. Ridiculous things like the little ridges on the side of the highway that happen to be on the line in Missouri. And other things like my long, tangly hair that drove me to make a major hair cut appointment for next week. Goodbye 12-ish inches!


Among all the stress, there were a few blessings this week.

We met for my two hour Monday night education class only to turn in a paper and get a take-home test! Take home = no studying involved.

My Mom made four types of homemade cookies this week! Mmmm!!! She must be trying to fatten me up. The m&m ones are my fav, even though I don’t like m&m’s by themselves. It doesn’t have to make sense if they taste good.

My Thursdays are usually crazy because I’m observing/aiding all day, next go to history class directly after, then quickly eat dinner and go to my art appreciation class! This week I was especially dreading it because I would be extra tired and drained from my test. HOWEVER, I got the BEST email that said the art class was cancelled for this week! :)

And even better, the high school didn’t have school today so my weekend started last night! I relaxed, caught up on Dr. Oz, ate a lot, and somehow stayed awake until midnight. I slept around the clock… yes, until noon today. It was all pretty amazing, minus the fact Ryan is far away.

That about sums it up in a lot of words. Now this weekend I will relax, do a little bit of homework, and miss Ryan. Sound like your idea of fun? Me neither.






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