The mushy truth

Distance makes for
heart-melting, breath-taking, time-stopping, marry-me-right-now kind of reuniting moments! That is nothing but the mushy truth.

There aren’t many other oh so sweet moments like those when I see my boyfriend at long last. It’s far too sweet to fully capture in words or pictures. But I can hold it in my heart to get me through until the next time.

I can’t say that he feels exactly the same, since girls and boys are wired differently, but there’s no denying that he feels something magical too. I see the love in his face; his eyes, his smile. I feel it in his welcome-back-to-me hug and embrace. I hear it in the way he tells me he loves me.

I try to soak in every lovely second I’m with him, for I know how quickly those seconds go by and soon he is out of arms reach. There is certainly not enough time to take in all the love and wonderfulness. No amount of Ryan can “hold me over” until next time.

I wish that someone who lives with or close by their significant other could be in my long-distance shoes just for a few minutes to give them an even greater appreciation. I honestly want to remember these feelings for someday (soon?) when I am with him more than I’m away. We are human and as cliche as it may be, we sometimes don’t know what we have ’til it’s (they’re) gone. Sometimes we take our loved ones for granted and if we just felt this every once in a while, we might better appreciate and understand the blessing of a simple hug or kiss. But I also wish I didn’t have to feel a hint of sadness in the back of my mind knowing that I have to say goodbye. I don’t want to have to say goodbye anymore. I want him close to me for good.

It is bittersweet that this Ryan time is extended this weekend. He rode home with his Mom and me because he’s going to his Great Grandma’s funeral service tomorrow. I never met his Great Grandma but I’ve heard she lived a great 90 years of life, and her maiden name lives on as Ryan’s middle name. So at the same time, I am sorry for his Great Grandma’s passing and I am also thankful for the extra time I can spend with Ryan, like 6 hours thisclosetohim in the car yesterday and last night at my house. I will even see him tomorrow evening when he comes back home from where she lived. I am happy that he was able to know his Great-Grandma for 21 years of his life and that she lived a long, healthy life! My great-grandparents were way before my time and my Grandma is almost as old as his Great-Grandma was at the time of her passing a few days ago.

This weekend and the time I was able to spend with my Love was sweet like candy to my soul.

Thank you, God, for this sweet blessing called Ryan.





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