Ryan time over Turkey Day

As of yesterday afternoon, my short but sweet time with my Ryan Love ended. Yes, I already miss him and no, I won’t see him until the next break (Christmas) unless other plans arise.

It was almost like a teaser … Now you see him, now you don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciated the time we had, whether it’s little or a lot. Like Ryan said…we take what we get. But then again, sometimes you shouldn’t settle for less. I want more. I think I’m developing distance intolerance.

His ride to Missouri stopped in St. Louis, where his Mom and I picked him up on Wednesday afternoon. We then drove back here where Ryan and I just hung out cuddled for the evening. It was pretty amazing that time seemed to cooperate well. Usually time goes by fast, but this time it seemed like God snuck some extra hours in or something… or maybe laid off the fast-forward button for a little bit.

The next morning we got ready and headed 3 hours the other direction to Joplin, MO, to be with his family for Thanksgiving. Ryan drove while I tried to catch up on my sleep in the car. Isn’t he sweet? (He informed me that we need to buy a family car. Apparently he wants a head start preparation for our future four children. I informed him we aren’t even engaged yet.)

We arrived just in time (1:00 PM) for the yummy Thanksgiving meal. I had never met his family before (besides Grandparents + Uncle), but I still haven’t technically met them. (I didn’t get introduced.)

After we ate and let our food settle a little, we went to Ryan’s Great-Grandma’s house before everything gets auctioned off next weekend (she recently passed away). Since we were only 10 miles away from Oklahoma and I had never been there before, Ryan’s Mom drove us down the road. However, we also found out we were by Kansas too and found a spot off a gravel road where we were in all 3 states at once! Now I can say I’ve been to Kansas and Oklahoma. Why can’t you be in Indiana and Missouri at the same time? (Pictures to come when Ryan sends them my way.)

After some more driving around, we headed back to Springfield in our separate cars (back to the direction we had come from) because the John Tibbs band was meeting there for the Missouri State Youth Convention. They didn’t arrive until about 11 pm, so while we were waiting for them, we went to the movies and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox (which we all rated a 4 on a scale from 1-5.) I think I blanked out on a few parts because my stomach was being evil and my blood sugar was decreasing by the minute. We made it to food on time before I passed out and then went to the hotel to meet up with John Tibbs and the other guys (and girl). John’s kind girlfriend let me stay in her room that night. The next day, Friday, we sat in the hotel room for two hours waiting on the guys to get back from Guitar Center we ate lunch and then I headed back home. (My stomach thanked me because anxiety was beating it up.)

My Grandma and Uncle were coming in from North Missouri, so I wanted to get here in time for their arrival. We had a Thanksgiving dinner last night with my family and the rest of the weekend we’ll just be spending time together. My Grandma is 88 years old so there aren’t any big activities planned. ;-)

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Bring on Christmas time.





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