Lucky me!

I’m thinking I may want to consider playing the lottery soon…

I just won my third giveaway as of the last few months! (I’ll remind you, in a nice, I hope you win too way, that I won a pair of Gap jeans and a coupon for $50 off $100 at Old Navy.)

I’m pretty excited about this one and you’ll even get to enjoy it too!

A makeover!

Not of me or my house…. but a blog makeover! Thank you to The Design Girl!

[Mrs. Haid, if I win another, I’ll give it to you!]

If I were you, I’d go follow her blog and enter her
1000 followers giveaway.

Which, by the way, is not just one giveaway. FIVE
so far!

#1 A blinkie button for your blog from scrapmonster
#2 OPI nail polish (5 bottles)
#3 Shirt or onesie from Zingo Tots
#4 MORE OPI nail polish (5 bottles)
#5 A snowman from The Little Things

What are you waiting for?! Take some luck and go.

Wait a second… Don’t take ALL of my luck. Winning giveaways is too much fun. :)

And stay tuned (I’m not sure when yet) for a new [M]^2 (Ideas are welcome.)





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