My first blog award!

Wow.. .just the other day I was thinking about my blog and how “strangers” probably wouldn’t be interested in what I write about. I was starting to feel down about my silly blog! (It’s not good to compare yourself to others.) I just started it for myself, but I still like to feel pleased with what I write. Also, I came to find out that it’s more fun to have other people read it and like it too. I just don’t have umm.. a very interesting life to write about! Maybe someday I’ll have more entertaining material to work with!

And then, ironically, I was given my first “blog award!” Tabitha from Headed in the Right Direction so kindly tagged me with the Your Blog is Fabulous award!

Thanks Tabitha! Perfect timing when I felt like my blog wasn’t so fabulous.

Now I am obligated to write five things I am obsessed with and pass on this honor to five other fabulous bloggers. And then each of those five bloggers have to write five things they’re obsessed with and pass it on to five other people… and so on until every fabulous blogger has the award! In the process, you can show introduce others to some good reads! If you break the chain, I won’t hold it against you.

5 Obsessions…

1) All things bloggy– Writing posts, finding new blogs to read, commenting and receiving comments, entering giveaways (winning them too). Once you click on one blog, you can (usually) find other links and the fun continues on from there. Hey, what else do I have to do with my time?!

2) A boy man named Ryan. You may have heard me talk about him before? This is a healthy obsession, I promise. I really really like him. Hence, why I talk about him so much…and think about him. He is my boyfriend you know! And he’s just so lovable. :)

3) Ice ice baby. Ice may be one of those unhealthy obsessions. No calories, but not the dentist’s best friend? I enjoy chewing ice entirely too much for my own good.

4) Ice ice baby. Ryan would tell you I’m obsessed with babies. (That sounds creepy, but obviously it’s not!) I don’t know if you call it obsessed, but I do think they are precious. And I do admit I watch a lot of “baby shows.” I definitely don’t want one anytime soon, but someday I will love to have a baby…or 4, but not at the same time!

5) Cuddling (obviously with obsession #2). Actually, it’s more than an obsession.. it’s a need! I have cuddling withdrawals when I’m separated from my bf.

And now, I would like to present this award to…. (blogs you should read!)

1) Traveling Light

2) The Fabulous Adventures of Mrs. Haid

3) Our Little Apartment

4) Please Send Parenting Books

5) My Redburn Journal (she has been MIA for a month due to a broken computer, but she’ll be back someday!)

Happy fabulous blog reading!





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