New pastime

Winning giveaways makes me want to enter even more…

Let’s just say I just spent a lot of time finding and entering giveaways tonight. One kept leading to another and before I knew it, I entered quite a few. But what else do I have to do? It’s officially Thanksgiving break (as of tonight!)

I’ll let you know if my luck has run out yet. Here’s some that I entered… (it’s hard to keep track, ha.) Maybe you should try your luck too.

A $100 Target gift card (this would be AWESOME)

A blog makeover (yes, I know I already won one– but this one is for Mrs. Haid.)

Perricone MD cold plasma and here (cause I’m getting old and need $150 anti-aging stuff?)

Surprise giveaway (sometimes I like surprises…)

Yankee candle- Christmas Eve scent (never smelled that scent, but it sounds interesting)

An ornament from Pottery Barn (who doesn’t like ornaments?)

I should’ve made the list when I was entering them because now I can’t remember where and what I entered… But anyway, I think I’ll go find a life now.

P.S. – GREAT NEWS! I GOT AN A ON MY HISTORY TEST! A 93%, which is actually a 97% because of point values she changed to help our grade. I promise, I’m just a good guesser.





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