I’m feeling feverish

How is it possible to have spring fever, but at the same time be excited for this upcoming snow storm?

Maybe because it hasn’t snowed 9.8 inches here since, well, I don’t know when. This is big news for this Small Town, Missouri! Especially since we just got 5 inches on Friday (although half of it has melted already.) Two significant snow falls in less than a week… that’s unheard of here!

I don’t think there’s many more creations on Earth more beautiful than a blanket of snow. There’s just something magical about it, almost like Christmas Eve. Oh, perhaps because of snow days… which I don’t really get anymore. But I still secretly (or not) hope for them.

Although I’m giddy like a little girl about the snow, I’m also feeling effects of spring fever. Dreaming of springtime sunshine gives me butterflies too.

Ice cream, warm, fresh springtime air, green grass, new leaves, budding flowers, flip flops… ahhh. It couldn’t come soon enough!

Oh, but that’s not the last of it. Along with the spring fever comes beach fever. They’re always concurring conditions, although going to the beach would cure both. The farther and farther time slips away from August 2007 (my last beach trip), the more my beach fever intensifies. It’s pretty dang serious. So if I disappear and you don’t know where I am, my toes may be in the sand somewhere.

Actually, I’m pretty *cough*… sick. I’m also having Ryan withdrawals, as you know I miss him dearly. Sometimes I have to stop myself from thinking about the future because we haven’t thought of a cure for these withdrawals yet. :( I only get short-term relief from quick visits with him.

And if my beach and Ryan fever collide, it is cause to be alarmed. It’s not likely though, because it’s hard enough to find ourselves in the same state, let alone at the beach together in some far away state. I try to stay realistic, but I’m not saying it’s impossible…

I won’t mention my other chronic fever because I may give off the wrong impression. But no worries, it also stays a safe distance from Ryan fever.

Okay, I’ll give you a hint.

Not saying that they won’t meet someday to form some serious symptoms. In fact, now that I think of it, when you allow three fevers to combine… beach + baby + Ryan = honeymoon? ;-)

So what I think I’m trying to say is… I have a case of contradictions.

How about you? Any fevers or contradictions… or contradictory fevers?

Eve of Christmas Eve

Last night, Eve of Christmas Eve, I got a little camera happy. Ryan and I don’t have many recent pictures of us, which is why I always have to post ones that are from 3-4 years ago. Well, that and the fact that we see each other only a few months a year. I think we need to change this non-picture taking habit and revert to the good ‘ol days, which also includes no long-distance. The problem is that he doesn’t really like when I stick a camera in front of his face. It’s as if he’s only allowed to smile nicely when he’s NOT in a picture with me. What’s the deal? But last night, he finally cooperated. Should I push my luck again?

This is what a cute picture of us looks like………

Do you like my new hat? It may look familiar in a picture I’ve posted of Ryan, but that’s because he decided to give it to me!

Ok… I lied. I stole borrowed it. It’s just cute, what can I say?

Well after a few pictures, Ryan tells me I should be using his* camera. So it turned into a DSLR lesson for Mindy. An expert lesson for a beginner in a low light condition with a lens from the ’80’s.. thanks Ryan! ;o) I would show you one, but instead I’ll save the time and you can just imagine a blurry picture of Ryan.


But you can see the other side of it…

If nothing else, it was a workout for my arms because the thing weighs like 10 lbs*!


After I’d had enough embarrassment for one night, Ryan’s Momma, him, and I drove around and looked at Christmas lights in town.

Ryan held my hand his Canon 7D and took video (duh)

and a couple pictures like this….

Obviously, this picture is not blurry enough to be a picture of mine. But you already knew that.

Tonight for the real Christmas Eve, Ryan and his Mom are coming to eat dinner with my Mom and me. I do have a brother, but he may or may not be here. Ryan also has a brother, but it’s a long story. Then, Ryan and I might go hang out with my Dad’s side of the family. You never really know what we’re going to do….

Merry Christmas Eve!

P.S.- After changing the weather forecast nothing less than 10x this week, it now says the rain is supposed to change into snow tonight!!! Only to amount to 1 – 2 inches (the ground is probably too warm now), but I’m still dreaming of a White Christmas…. I dare you to make me jealous and tell me it’s snowing where you are!

Blue Christmas

As evident from my lack of blogging, Ryan is here and I’m lovin’ it. And lovin’ him, oh-soo-much. :)

However, as for my Mom’s actions in the past few days… not so much.

She has come thisclose to ruining my Christmas spirit and my Ryan high. But I will not let her.

She called me the night Ryan got here (Thursday) and starts in on a serious conversation about Christmas. You see, we were planning on having my Dad’s side of the family at our house Christmas Eve and then we would also be with them on Christmas day at my Aunt & Uncle’s. That was the plan until she calls and tells me she has different ideas. This is the first I’ve heard of it and she starts in asking my opinion of her new fling, or whatever you wanna call him, joining us on Christmas. She is already well aware of what I think about him, but it seems that she didn’t like my answer… so she kept asking. How many different ways can I say it? No, of course I do not want to see him. Not on Christmas, not any day of the week. Never, thank you.

Our conversation goes in circles and gets no where. She even had the balls to ask if I can be with Ryan on Christmas Eve so that she can be with her bf. The other family members don’t want him at our Christmas either so I think that’s why she wanted Christmas Eve “free.” She even goes on to say, “I probably won’t be part of the family next year.” My Mom does not seem to understand that they are my family… always have been… always will be. So if she thinks she isn’t part of it anymore because my Dad passed away, then she is further distancing herself from me.

The conversation ended with me hanging up before I burst into tears on the phone, so instead I cried on Ryan in the midst of our lovely evening. I can’t believe my Mom is making this Christmas, the first one without my Dad, even harder for me. I want to call her a lot of choice words but I’ll just leave it at heartless.

The next day she tells me (in person this time) that she decided we won’t have the family over for Christmas Eve, but instead we’ll just stay at home and have a jolly good time with each other. Although that makes no sense because my brother will be working and she said she’ll probably leave that evening to go hang out with what’s-his-name. One of her excuses for not having the family over is “that they haven’t been out since Dad’s memorial and they’ll all be crying and depressed when they walk in the door.” It’s partly true because she doesn’t want to face the reality and be in a situation that would force her feelings to come out of hiding. But mostly, she just wants to hang out with him.

As of right now, I don’t even want to be around her on Christmas.

This isn’t the last of the drama.

Ryan and I showed up at my house the other night and little did we know, we were interrupting her plans. She was “very disappointed because he was going to come over and she wanted the house to herself.” Oh, sorry Mom for coming home.

The next night she makes sure to tell me not to come home between 8 and midnight. Because he’ll be over and she doesn’t want anyone else there. I won’t even tell you what she said when she called me at 11:30 that night. Nor will I tell you what kind of trouble my brother got into that night while also temporarily being kicked out of the house.

Should I pack my bags now or later?

Merry Blue Christmas to you too, Mom.


In other bad news, I received the financial aid information for AU. It would cost me $7,000 to go there next semester. The letter, plus my Mom’s Christmas decision, sent me straight into depression mode. Is there really a solution to this mess called my life? Someone please wake me up from this nightmare. Ryan has been here since Thursday night and I’ve already cried twice. I’m so glad he loves me.

New pastime

Winning giveaways makes me want to enter even more…

Let’s just say I just spent a lot of time finding and entering giveaways tonight. One kept leading to another and before I knew it, I entered quite a few. But what else do I have to do? It’s officially Thanksgiving break (as of tonight!)

I’ll let you know if my luck has run out yet. Here’s some that I entered… (it’s hard to keep track, ha.) Maybe you should try your luck too.

A $100 Target gift card (this would be AWESOME)

A blog makeover (yes, I know I already won one– but this one is for Mrs. Haid.)

Perricone MD cold plasma and here (cause I’m getting old and need $150 anti-aging stuff?)

Surprise giveaway (sometimes I like surprises…)

Yankee candle- Christmas Eve scent (never smelled that scent, but it sounds interesting)

An ornament from Pottery Barn (who doesn’t like ornaments?)

I should’ve made the list when I was entering them because now I can’t remember where and what I entered… But anyway, I think I’ll go find a life now.

P.S. – GREAT NEWS! I GOT AN A ON MY HISTORY TEST! A 93%, which is actually a 97% because of point values she changed to help our grade. I promise, I’m just a good guesser.