Pre-test anxiety

[This post is an example of what happens when you are obligated to post something every day in November, NaBloPoMo, even when you aren’t feeling bloggy.]

Don’t get mad or anything…

But today I won a $45 off $100 Old Navy coupon giveaway.

If it makes you feel any better, I gave it to my boyfriend because I don’t have the opportunity to use it by Thursday.

Partly because I live in the middle of no where and have to travel an hour or two to go shopping.

Mostly because I have a history test on Thursday. And I need to study. If I would’ve been studying as much as talking about studying, I’d be fine. But I’m not.

I’ve never had so much trouble trying to study! I realize that it is ridiculous that this is a freshman history class and the only class I have to study for this semester, yet I can’t study. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. It’s sooo overwhelming and is giving me so much anxiety that when I sit down to study, I freeze up. Proof of stress: I have two cold sores as of yesterday.

And to top if all off, I’ve been chewing a ton of ice today (because of stress)… which triggered major wisdom tooth pain shooting in my mouth. That’s just lovely after having a nightmare about surgery last night.

Ugh. Bad day, bad weekend. I feel like a huge whiner, but anxiety and depression will do that to you. We don’t get along.

I just want Friday to be here so I can cuddle with my boyfriend and forget about my problems for a moment. <3

Someone tell me something good!






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