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Currently I am trying to think of a caption for this photo to be entered into the Birthday: Her Way Hallmark card contest. By the way, this picture shows you exactly what I went through every single birthday. That’s my brother trying to steal my birthday wish. And that’s my Dad, saving the day. :)

Since I’m thinking about that and also blogging, I’m obviously avoiding the massive amount of studying I have left to do for my killer history test for Thursday. However, it’s hard to avoid this oncoming cold sore on my mouth. I wonder why a cold sore or a huge zit always appears when I’m about to see Ryan. Speaking of him, I am getting pretty dang excited because this upcoming weekend I am going to see my bffs in the North! I mean, Indiana. Sorry, but I have the North Pole on my mind since I hear a clatter on the roof. It’s not Santa and his reindeer though, just some roofers finishing up their job. Although I am kind of excited about Christmas. :) I know it’s only the beginning of November, but for some reason I am already excited about the holiday season. It’s not really too early to be thinking about it because I promise you it will be here in a flash. Especially when I think of it this way… I only have 2 weeks of classes + 1 week of Thanksgiving break + 2 weeks of classes + 1 final… and then Christmas will be shortly after! Where did time go? Not that I currently care to know because the closer it is to Christmas, the closer Ryan is to being home. Well, only for a short time, but long enough to feel teased about being in a close-distance relationship. Or maybe, just maybe, it will become the new normal and we can take long-distance out of our vocabulary. (Well, besides when we talk about being long-distance from our family when we move to Florida. EEEK, hurry up and graduate, Ryan!) You know what I don’t like though? It’s all up to me whether we are long-distance for the next year. Ahh, the pressure. I hate this major decision that no one else can make but me. A decision that makes me feel like a bad girlfriend because it seems obvious that I wouldn’t hesitate to live close my boyfriend. But it’s just not that easy. But you could call me indecisive and I’d say you are right. If we weren’t long-distance right now, I’d be so ecstatic to be having a 4-day weekend right now. Well, besides the fact he’s not even in Indiana right now. But you know what I mean. He’s been in West Virginia this weekend, playing drums with the John Tibbs band at a state youth convention. You can find their music on iTunes now, incase you want to contribute to my engagement ring fund check it out. I was only kidding about buying it for that reason, I promise. That’s just a bonus. But if you want to get their autograph or something, I might be able to make that happen. Well, the drummer’s at least. I can even forge Ryan’s signature pretty well, if I do say so myself. His signature is much more fun to write than mine. Mine is boring, even though I do like my name. Perhaps I can just sign it [M]^2 and call it good. I think I better call this blog post good and get motivated for history studying. My motivation? It’s one step closer to being in his arms. <3

{ But it’s okay if you distract me and comment about anything random you’d like. In fact, I’d encourage it. I just love reading comments. Thanks in advance. :) }





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